Industries Roofing What are Roofing Google Ads? PPC for Roofers Explained

What are Roofing Google Ads? PPC for Roofers Explained

What are Roofing Google Ads

Whether you work in commercial or residential roofing, you already know how competitive it is to generate new leads. The secret is to put the right message in front of the right person at the right time – and Google Ads is how you do it.

Forget waiting until next year for SEO results. Cancel that bulk order of flyers. And stop asking your apprentice to post for you on social media.

With Google Ads, you control how much you spend and who you want to target. The result? Only pay to put your ads in front of people who need roofing help.

A homeowner should be inspecting their roof every 3 to 5 years, depending on the type of roof – and they’ll need a new roof every 15 to 30 years.

With a need for regular roofing services, finding a way to put your business in front of people becomes the ultimate lead-generating machine.

Google Ads provides that lead-generating machine for your roofing business.

If you’re keen to generate a consistent flow of quality leads (no time wasters or discount hunters), read on to discover why Google Ads are the proven solution.

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What are Google Ads for roofers?

Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising service run through Google.

If you’ve ever searched for a product or service, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a Google Ad result at the top of the page – offering instant visibility and exposure.

What are roofing seo

What are Google Ads for roofers

As a PPC strategy, you only pay when someone clicks on one of your ads, bringing them to your website or landing page. This makes it easy to pay for website traffic, and since you only get charged per click, your ad spend is going directly towards site traffic that’s interested in your roofing services.

It’s unlikely someone will search for ‘full metal roof replacement’ and click on your ad unless they’re keen to replace their own roof, looking to grab a quote, or have questions about a roof replacement.

That makes Google Ads a proven way to bring qualified traffic to your site.

Curious about the cost? Check the full breakdown of roofing Google Ad costs and prices

“How do roofing customers find my Google Ads?”

Through roofing keywords.

Once a keyword is entered into Google, it triggers paid ads built around those exact keywords.

If someone is looking for ‘emergency roof repair’ and you’ve built ads around those keywords, your ad has a shot at ranking.

Instead of targeting ‘emergency roof repair’ as an SEO keyword and working for months to improve your rankings organically, you can pay to have your ad appear at the top of Google in as little as 24 hours.

What are the benefits of running Google Ads for a roofing company?

Google Ads connect your supply with a customer’s demand.

For example, a potential customer notices a leak in the garage roof and jumps on Google to look for a local roofer. They punch in ‘roof repair near me’, and there are three roofers at the top of Google for them to check out.

That customer doesn’t care if they’re looking at paid results or not – they just want to stop water dripping onto their car!

When you run a Google Ads campaign, you connect your roofing company with people who have gone out of their way to find a local roofer. This generates quality leads with ‘ready to buy’ intent.

The result? Google Ads convert 50% better than organic search results.

Learn EXACTLY how many leads your own PPC campaign will deliver

“Why would I pay for Google Ads if I can do SEO for free?”

Why pay for someone to do your taxes when you can do it yourself for free?

Because it’s quicker and you’ll end up with better results.

SEO takes time – we’re talking 6 to 12 months, depending on the level of competition you’re facing. On top of the wait time, you’ll need to manage the three pillars of successful SEO yourself to deliver results:

  • Content
  • Website Architecture
  • Backlinks

If you don’t mind waiting months for new leads, and you have the spare 10+ hours a week to write content, test your site’s technical strength, and go out and build backlinks, then SEO is suitable.

But SEO is a long-term strategy. Over time you can use SEO to put your roofing company at the top of Google for hundreds of keywords. This creates a regular flow of site visitors who turn into leads…but you’ll need a short-term strategy too.

Enter roofing Google Ads.

A good marketing agency can have a Google Ads campaign up and running in under 24 hours, meaning you can start filling your inbox with leads within a couple of days.

This doesn’t mean you should choose Google Ads OR an SEO campaign. Running both together offers the most value, giving you exposure in the paid listings AND organic listings.

But for the speed of results, Google Ads is unbeatable. If you’ve got a slow month coming up and want to increase your lead potential, paying for Google Ads is the smart move.

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Use this PPC for roofers checklist to give your roofing ads an advantage

Google Ads can feel complicated and overwhelming, which drives roofers to stick with what they know and double down on ‘word of mouth’ or leaflet drops.

In reality, Google Ads can be simplified to a few core features.

Once you understand how each feature works, you’ll be able to run an ad campaign that generates visibility and brings in a regular flow of leads. Before you jump into a PPC campaign, make sure you’ve worked your way through this checklist:

✅ Have you chosen between a search or display campaign?

Google Ads can run in multiple places online, as either search ads or display ads.

Search ads are the PPC ads you see at the top of Google. They contain a headline, a short description, and a clickable URL. It’s also possible to add extra info using ad extensions. The placement and cost of your ads come down to how much you bid – and your Quality Score.

Your Quality Score will make or break your ad campaign. Find out how to get the highest Quality Score possible

Display ads can appear on any site within the Google Display Network – which includes roughly 2 million websites reaching 90% of internet users. These are banner ads that pop up on sites you’re browsing.

Search and display ads are different as one is ‘push’ and the other is ‘pull’. That means search ads appear when people go looking for them, and display ads appear when looking for something else.

✅ Have you chosen a target location?

You can set your ads to target a specific location, from an entire city to a particular postcode. As a roofer, you want to be running your ads for people in your local suburb, not people in need of new roofs who live on the other side of the city.

The right location can bring in local leads who need roofing services. The wrong location can have your ad budget wasted by people who need roofing services but are too far away to become paying customers.

✅ Have you chosen your target keywords?

Keywords are at the heart of all Google Ad campaigns. The right keywords can put your ad in front of customers with their wallets out, but the wrong keywords can have your ads appearing in front of people who have no interest in your business.

You can use a range of keyword strategies, from blocking out negative keywords to avoid showing ads to the wrong people, to using broad match keywords to cast a wide net over people who require a roofer.

The right keywords will make or break a PPC campaign, so choose wisely.

✅ Have you optimized your website or landing page?

The goal of your PPC campaign isn’t to get a click – it’s to get a sale.

The page people end up on – whether your website or a specific landing page created for your ad campaign – needs to be optimized to drive conversions.

Have you written copy that relates to a customer’s roofing problems? Is it easy to find information and contact details? Is the design professional and eye-catching? Does your landing page text flow naturally from your ad?

Your ads and landing page need to share the same message to help drive sales.

✅ Have you optimized your ad?

Thousands of other roofers are using Google Ads to attract clicks and traffic. Why should someone click on your ad?

Launching a paid ad campaign isn’t as simple as picking a keyword and creating an ad that says ‘Click here for great roofing deals’. Your ads need to show a message that resonates with people, that offers clear value. There needs to be an incentive to click, and the call-to-action (CTA) needs to be strong and push people’s buttons.

Don’t run a Google Ad campaign without doing this…

There are tons of ways to drive roofing leads, but Google is the unquestionable king of them all.

It’s easy to get swept up in Google Ad stats, like the average roofer making $2 for every $1 spent on Google Ads. Doubling your money is going to feel exciting whether you work in residential or commercial roofing. Still, the Google Ads platform can be complex to set up without experience, and it’s easy to waste money if you’ve failed to optimize your:

  • Campaign type
  • Locations
  • Keywords
  • Website or landing page
  • CTA and ad text

Before you spend a cent, make sure Google Ads will work for your roofing business.

Discover if Google Ads is right for you or if you should save your money

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