Industries Roofing Why Choose Tradie Digital for my Roofing SEO?

Why Choose Tradie Digital for my Roofing SEO?

Why Choose Tradie Digital for my Roofing SEO

You offer free roofing estimates before you even think of closing a sale. Why should an SEO agency be any different?

At Tradie Digital, we offer free consultations, so every roofer walks away with a custom digital marketing blueprint. Offering low-cost SEO services, we understand you don’t have a spare $10,000 a month to splash on SEO, and with no lock-in contracts our clients are free to leave whenever they want.

But with $200 million worth of leads generated, we have a feeling you’ll want to stick around. Read on to discover why our SEO strategies are so effective for residential and commercial roofers.

“Why should I choose you for my roofing SEO campaign?”

You’re here because you know that not all SEO providers are the same.

You might even have been burnt before, and you’re cautious about partnering with a new agency, so we’re not going to hit you with a sales pitch or a bunch of ‘look at us’ reasons.

We’d rather tell you about the trade businesses and contractors we’ve worked with because they were in your exact shoes not long ago – on the fence, concerned, unsure.

They don’t feel that way anymore…

Using our simple 3-step SEO framework, we’ve generated an additional $856,000 in revenue for a local home improvement business; we increased leads by 400% within a year for another.

Our SEO strategies work no matter what roofing services you provide or what sector you work in. As long as you offer free estimates and people pay for your service, you’re eligible to work with us.

Read on to discover how our roofing clients benefit from our approach (hint: it’s to do with their bottom line).

And discover the 3-step framework we’d apply to your business (we don’t believe in keeping secrets, so we might as well tell you about our system now).

$300 Lead Increase Guarantee

“Aren’t all SEO agencies the same?”


Just as all roofers bring unique skill levels and strategies to work on a client’s property, all SEO agencies bring varying skill levels and strategies to work on a client’s website and online presence.

Call up 10 roofers and say, “I want a new roof that looks awesome and increases the value of my home,” and you’ll get 10 different suggestions on the materials, style, process, and cost.

Ask 10 SEO agencies how they’ll improve your SEO, and you’ll have 10 different suggestions on the best way to deliver results.

This comes down to the way SEO works.

The roofing sites that provide the best experience for their users are rewarded with better rankings on Google. But there are tons of ways to deliver that experience, from making a website easier to browse to speeding up load times; from adding helpful content to adding location pages so people can easily find you.

At Tradie Digital, we apply SEO strategies for roofers with a common goal – revenue is more important than rankings.

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We care about your revenue more than your rankings

Imagine getting a report in your inbox from your SEO agency…

You’ve invested a few thousand dollars so far, knowing that results take time. Getting your first report is exciting because it’ll show where your money has been spent so you click on the email and see some exciting data.

  • Ranked #1 for ‘how to reroof a house with asphalt shingles’
  • Ranked #1 for ‘how many shingles do I need for a 24×24 garage’
  • Ranked #1 for ‘are architectural shingles better than 3 tab’

With so many top-ranking keywords, your roofing SEO is dominating, right?


Each of those keywords receives, on average, 1 search per month.

If that was your SEO agency you’d be paying thousands of dollars for *maybe* 3 clicks a month. Not great value.

At Tradie Digital, we apply roofing SEO strategies designed to increase your visibility and boost your rankings, but we take a holistic view of SEO. Rankings are nothing without revenue, and while we can’t guarantee people will choose to hire you (that’s up to your skill as a roofer and salesman), we can guarantee an increase in leads.

SEO is a strategy to increase website traffic and turn those traffic into leads – not a strategy to put you in the #1 spot for keywords no one is searching for.

When you switch your marketing spend to Tradie Digital, we GUARANTEE you’ll increase your leads or we’ll cut you a check for $300.

Over $200 million in leads generated with a focus on the roofing industry

We know how to rank roofing websites because we focus on roofers.

That makes us a specialist agency, not a jack of all trades. If you want to sell t-shirts with roofs on them, we can’t help you. If you want to sell tiny cakes in the shape of small houses, we can’t help you.

We only work with service-based businesses in trade sectors.

  • Residential roofers
  • Commercial roofers
  • Roofing contractors
  • Roofing companies
  • Shingles, flat roofers, hot tar roofers…you get the idea

Our SEO approach only works if you provide a service based on free quotes, estimates or consultations. If you don’t spend time face-to-face with a lead, or provide an estimate via phone or email, you should click the ‘back’ button.

Still here? Great.

Read on to discover the simple 3-step framework we’ve used to drive over $200 million in leads for roofing companies and contractors of all sizes.

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$300 Lead Increase Guarantee

Our roofing SEO approach includes 3 steps

There’s nothing worse than an SEO agency hoarding their secrets and hoping you’ll pay to hear them.

We think you should have all the info you need upfront, so if you decide to pay you’ll know exactly what’s in store. That’s why we’re open and transparent about our SEO strategies.

Our SEO approach is applied to all roofing clients whether they work in the residential or commercial sectors, and whether they’re just launching websites or they’ve been around for 20 years.

Our roofing SEO approach comes down a 3-step framework:

  • Website Architecture
  • Content
  • Link Building

Step #1: Website Architecture

We use roofing keywords to create each page on your site. This makes you easy to find when people turn to Google for a new roof, or a slick tile upgrade. Once each page is connected to a well-searched and relevant keyword, we build a site (or upgrade your existing site) that’s easy to browse, 100% mobile-friendly, and loads lightning fast.

Step #2: Content

Roofing content needs to help people extend the lifespan of their current roof, fix cracked tiles, avoid common roofing mistakes, pretty much any problem someone has, your content needs to solve it. Every word we write has a purpose so that when people read your content, they think “wow, this website has read my mind.” This approach makes you more likely to rank on Google, and helps guide people towards a quote request or roofing estimate.

Step #3: Link Building

Off-page SEO – the work you do away from your site – counts for roughly 75% of your website’s ability to rank. Once we’ve built a technically sound site that’s full of helpful content, we create backlinks from high-quality and relevant websites in your niche. As more building sites, home improvement sites and construction directories mention you, your rankings skyrocket.

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Claim a FREE Digital Marketing blueprint to grow your roofing business

You offer free quotes and estimates before a customer is ready to pay for your services, why should an SEO agency be any different?

Use the link below to reserve a time with a Tradie Digital expert and we’ll create your custom marketing blueprint…free of charge.

If you’re impressed with our plan for your roofing business, we can talk about a package that suits you. If you’d prefer to take your free blueprint and put a pin in it, that’s fine too.

You’ve already spent hours reading up on SEO and comparing providers, the most important step now is to take action and get the ball rolling.

Reserve your time and claim a FREE digital marketing blueprint

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