Industries Roofing How Much Does Roofing SEO Cost?

How Much Does Roofing SEO Cost?

How Much Does Roofing SEO Cost

Walk into a hardware store looking for tin snips or a rivet gun and you’ll see the price in front of you – it makes buying tools easy. But go browsing for SEO online and you’ll see prices from a few hundred bucks to $5,000 a month – which makes buying SEO a nightmare.

With such a range in roofing SEO costs it can feel easier to stick to what you’ve been doing and avoid the headache entirely. But that’s leaving money on the table.

To give you a clear and full picture, we’ve broken down the three most common forms of SEO pricing for roofers, plus outlined how you can use SEO to turn a profit month after month.

There’s nothing worse than looking for SEO prices and finding a hundred variations of “it depends, contact us for prices”.

So here’s the short and sharp version…

Roofing SEO can be broken down into:

  • Hourly SEO
  • Monthly SEO
  • Project-based SEO

Each of these SEO models comes with their own price points.

Most roofing SEO packages are charged monthly, and fall between $500/month and $5,000 a month, though monthly SEO of $500 or under isn’t worth the money (read on to find out why).

Hourly SEO typically falls between $75 and $150 an hour, and project-based SEO prices are up to the agency or freelancer, but come with more pitfalls than potential (we’ll explain why below).

The cost of SEO is always easier to quote as an ‘average’ because it goes up or down depending on whether you work with an SEO freelancer or SEO agency, as well as FIVE core factors that influence your costs.

The five factors that influence the final cost of your roofing SEO are:

#1 – The competitiveness of your roofing keywords
#2 – The competitiveness of your market (how many roofers in your location)
#3 – The number of roofing keywords you want to target
#4 – How many suburbs you want to target
#5 – How quickly you want to get to page #1 of Google

Those six factors will determine your total roofing SEO expenditure.

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Do you paint green roofs or repair all roofs?

Here’s an example of how two different roofing companies could end up paying two very different prices based on the five core factors we mentioned.

If your primary service is to paint roofs green, you’re the only roofer in your neighborhood, and no one else is targeting ‘green roof painting’ as a keyword, you won’t have to spend big to take the #1 spot – but it’s unlikely there’ll be many people searching for this keyword.

In contrast, if you offer emergency storm repair, you’re one of fifty roofers in your city, and everyone wants to rank for ‘emergency storm repair’ as a keyword, you’ll have to invest more money to outrank the competition – but the payoff is there’ll be plenty of people searching for this keyword.

The more obstacles in your way, whether it’s competitive keywords or a location full of other roofers, the more SEO strategies you’ll need to use. And as these strategies take time and expertise to apply, you’ll have to pay higher prices.

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“Is there a standard pricing model for roofing SEO?”


And there’s no regulatory body either.

Unlike a roofer who needs to acquire certain licenses and certificates to be able to work legally, anyone can set up a website and start selling themselves as an ‘SEO expert specializing in roofing services’.

This puts the burden on YOU to figure out whether an SEO expert or agency is legit, and since SEO can take months to see results, this traps plenty of roofers in nightmare situations where they’ve signed up for long-term SEO contracts only to find out they’re being ripped off – with no way to escape.

At Tradie Digital we think it’s important to be upfront about our SEO strategies. So while we do offer SEO for roofers, we don’t (and never will) offer you a contract. Any roofer working with us is free to leave any time they like.

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Common roofing SEO pricing models

Keyword-Based Monthly Retainer Hourly SEO
Pay per results.

When your target keywords rank on the first page of Google, you pay.

This incentivizes your SEO company to get results, but leaves room for companies to rank you for irrelevant keywords that don’t drive traffic – and still charge you a fee.

Pay on a fixed monthly rate.

The most common type of roofing SEO price model.

Ideal for roofing companies with long-term goals and doesn’t limit the number of hours your SEO campaign is worked on.

Not suitable for roofers who only want to invest in SEO for 1-2 months.

Pay per hour of SEO work.

Popular with roofing SEO freelancers and contractors.

Valuable if you’re looking to ‘try before you buy’ and want to test out SEO for a short-term project. In the long run paying hourly can become significantly more expensive as an SEO pricing model.

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The cost of cheap roofing SEO

If you find a great deal on gas you can fill up your tank and get the same value as someone who pays twice as much – the product is the same, so getting a cheaper price works in your favor.

SEO doesn’t work that way.

Roofing SEO isn’t a product but a service. You’re paying for someone’s expertise and time, and when you pay less you end up getting someone who is either a). not very experienced or b). doesn’t have much time.

Both of those outcomes will mean you’re throwing money away on a service that isn’t delivering results because your SEO expert doesn’t have the skills or time to improve your website and online presence.

Recent small businesses surveys have shown that less than 50% of all businesses have room in their budget for SEO. And for the businesses that do pay for SEO, the average spend is less than $500 a month.

That pricepoint comes with plenty of problems…

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Where can spending $500 a month on roofing SEO get you

$500 a month can feel pricey, but context is important.

If you’re paying someone $500 a month to clean your work vehicle, then you’re not getting a great deal.

But pay $500 a month for roofing SEO and you’re not giving your SEO expert enough runway to work with. Here’s why…

The average hourly rate for an SEO professional is between $75 and $150. Let’s stay on the conservative side and say you’ve found an SEO pro who claims they know the roofing industry inside and out. At $75/hour your $500 spend gets you 6.6 hours.

How much work can get done in 6.6 hours a MONTH?

Imagine heading out to replace a standard residential roof. You’d be looking at 2 to 3 days to complete the job. And if the homeowner only had enough money to pay you to work for 6.6 hours, well the end result isn’t going to look pretty.

That’s why cheap SEO ends up being expensive because you’re chipping away at your budget without ever seeing results. Whether it’s due to hiring a low-skilled SEO expert who’s been offering themselves at discount rates, or a high-skilled SEO expert who’s limited to a handful of hours each month, cheap roofing SEO doesn’t work.

“How much should I spend on roofing SEO per month?”

The amount you pay for roofing SEO will come down to your goals as a business.

Remember, you’ll need to adjust your investment according to the following five factors:

  • The competitiveness of your roofing keywords
  • The competitiveness of your market (how many roofers in your location)
  • The number of roofing keywords you want to target
  • How many suburbs you want to target
  • How quickly you want to get to page #1 of Google

But those can all feel very theoretical which makes it hard to know whether paying for SEO is a good fit for your roofing company. So let’s use some real figures from Google to show you how much SEO can be worth…

1,173 people search for ‘roof replacement near me’ each month on Google…

There are plenty of keyword research tools you can use to check the monthly search volume of every roofing keyword under the sun. Take the keyword ‘roof replacement near me’, for example.

1,173 people search for ‘roof replacement near me’ on Google. Every single month.

And the top spot on Google receives an average of 31.7% of all clicks.

Based on that number of clicks, if your roofing business started ranking in the #1 spot when people searched for ‘roof replacement near me’ you’d get, on average, 371 people landing on your website each month.

If your website turns 5% of website visitors into leads, then you’ve now got roughly 18 leads through that ONE keyword. Every single month.

If your sales conversion rate is 10%, meaning you turn 1 out of every 10 leads into a paying customer, then you land around 2 new roofing customers through that ONE keyword. Every single month.

And since the average cost of a roof replacement is between $5,000 and $10,000 you’ll be generating up to $20,000 in sales, through ONE keyword. Every single month.

If one keyword can be that profitable, imagine what a full SEO campaign helping you rank for tens, or hundreds, of keywords could do.

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Would you pay $2,000 a month for SEO that landed you $20,000 a month in sales?

The figures above aren’t unrealistic or out of reach.

Using average SEO click-through-rates and average roofing costs, it’s easy to see how the top spots on Google can drive serious revenue. And if your website visitor-to-leads conversion rate is better than our example, your revenue goes up. Same goes for your leads-to-customer conversion rate.

Need a conversion rate refresher? Check our simple guide to conversion rates (and how to send yours through the roof)

Every roofer has thought about paying for SEO at some stage of their business, but trying to rationalize the cost without understanding the benefits tends to scare them off.

Once you start figuring out the math it’s easier to pay for a service knowing it will bring a certain number of people to your website. And when you know roughly how many clicks your roofing site will get, it’s up to your website to turn as many of those people into new customers as possible.

Look for a roofing SEO company that focuses on revenue, not rankings

If you’re thinking of paying for SEO, don’t get suckered into the trap of paying for rankings.

SEO agencies commonly talk a big game about ranking you in the #1 spot for every keyword in the book, but while SEO is about increasing your rankings and visibility, the goal is to leverage that exposure into more work and more revenue.

At Tradie Digital we don’t promise to put you in the #1 spot on Google. If it happens, great, but we’re more focused on driving consistent leads to your inbox so you can make more money.

That’s why we offer a ‘Lead Increase GUARANTEE’ (or we’ll cut you a check for $300) and why we’ve generated over $200 million worth of leads for trade businesses and roofers like you.

Rankings? A small piece of the puzzle. Revenue? That’s our end goal for you.

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