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Roofing Quality Score Explained: The Secret To Profitable Google Ad Campaigns

Roofing Quality Score Explained

“Not ANOTHER marketing buzzword”

If that’s your first thought when someone asks about your Quality Score, we don’t blame you. But unlike vague marketing speak (we’re looking at you ‘impression-based analysis’ and ‘multi-channel attribution’), your Quality Score can make your ad clicks cheaper, and put your ads in front of more eyeballs.

This combination of saving money AND making money can give your business the edge in a crowded space, and we’ll show you how to send your Quality Score through the roof.

If you’re thinking about running a paid ad campaign for your roofing business, you’ll want to tick three boxes:

#1: Rank your ads for the best roofing keywords
#2: Rank your ads as high as possible for the best roofing keywords
#3: Lower your cost-per-click (CPC) for each roofing keywords

If you can do those three things, you’ll be running a cost-effective PPC campaign and maximizing the number of ad clicks coming your way.

And improving your Quality Score is how you tick off all three goals at once.

Your Quality Score is how Google rates the quality and relevance of your keywords and your ads. This score is between 1-10, with a lower score meaning there’s a disconnect between your ads, your keywords, and your landing pages.

The better your Quality Score, the cheaper your ads and the higher your ad rankings. That’s how you pay less than your competition and still see your ads appear above theirs.

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What is a roofing Quality Score?

Your roofing Quality Score is Google’s rating of the quality and relevance of your roofing ads and landing pages.

This score is used to determine your cost-per-click (CPC) AND your ad rank. Put simply, the higher your score, the less you pay per ad click and the better your rankings.

Your Quality Score is crucial because it’s a way for you to outrank roofers with bigger budgets.

Google isn’t running a typical auction on each roofing keyword. Accepting the largest bid might be good for their bottom line, but that would risk showing ads that aren’t relevant.

If someone searches for ‘commercial roof replacement’ and the top-ranking ad sends people to a landing page for a residential roofer specializing in terracotta tiles, they’ll be disappointed. To help deliver the most relevant results, Google assigns your Quality Score based on the connection between your ads and landing pages.

If there’s an obvious link between your ads and the landing pages you’re sending people to, Google rewards you by increasing your Quality Score. The end result? It becomes more cost-effective to target roofing keywords AND your ads get more clicks because you have higher rankings.

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How will a higher Quality Score benefit my roofing business?

OK, so by now you know a high Quality Score has TWO significant advantages for your roofing PPC campaign:

  • Higher Quality Score = Lower Click-Per-Cost
  • Higher Quality Score = Higher Ad Rankings

These two outcomes help you save money AND make money.

“How will my Quality Score help me save money?”

A high Quality Score is Google’s way of saying “great job, you’re meeting your roofing customer’s needs”.

The better you meet your customer’s needs, the less Google charges you for each ad click.

This means you can spend less and still generate a regular stream of leads. If your PPC campaign is working and you need to bring on roofing contractors to keep up, you’ll be able to scale up and still be in control of your budget.

“How will my Quality Score help me make money?”

Saving money is great, but putting more money in the bank is even better.

Your Quality Score is multiplied by your max bid to determine your ad rank. By getting your Quality Score up, you can lower your max bid and still boost your rankings.

We’ve already mentioned that spending less on each click is a winning outcome, but it’s the effect of those higher rankings that’s most exciting.

41% of clicks for each roofing keyword go to the top three paid ads. When your Quality Score goes up, your odds of ranking in the top three spots go up. And when your roofing company sits in that valuable real estate, the clicks come rolling in.

You already know that roofing is a numbers game. More eyeballs coming from your paid ads to your landing pages mean more chances of securing a quote request or roofing estimate. You’re a pro when it comes to the face-to-face sales pitch, so you’ll be able to convert plenty of these leads into paying customers.

It’s a classic snowball benefit. You get more visibility and more opportunities when your Quality Score goes up. As your high-ranking ads are more visible, the clicks keep rolling in, and you’ve got leads on tap my friend.

How to improve your Quality Score

Alright, enough theory.

We could be here all day talking about the importance of your roofing Quality Score. What you care about is HOW to improve it. Thankfully, this isn’t rocket science.

If your Quality Score was a visual, here’s what it would look like…

That leaves you with THREE targets to hit if you want to improve your Quality Score

Target #1 – Improve the relevancy of your ads/keyword/landing page

Your roofing keywords should be relevant to your ads. So if you’re targeting ‘cracked tile repair’, talk about tiles, not about how long you’ve been in business. You don’t want to run generic ads for ‘roof repair’ if your keywords are related to tiles.

Your landing pages should also be explicitly created to match your target keywords. That means you’ve got a landing page for ‘cracked tile repair’ to link to your cracked tile repair ads, a landing page for ‘hail damage repair’ to link to your hail damage repair ads, etc.

It’s a mistake to create one landing page about your services and expect your customers to pick and choose the correct info. Not only will you lose those customers to roofers who make the process simpler, but your Quality Score will suffer as the quality of your landing pages is low.

Target #2 – Improve the quality of your landing page

Forget trying to “optimize” the life out of your landing page to appeal to Google’s algorithm. The most important feature of a landing page is, “did it help someone?”.

Here are a few simple questions to ask of your landing page:

  • How helpful is my landing page to someone who just clicked on my roofing ad?
  • Is my landing page easy to browse and clearly organized?
  • Does the copy on my landing page match the language people are using to search on Google?
  • Is my landing page clear and including call-to-actions to give people options?

Your landing page needs to load quickly, be easy to use, and offer a welcoming browsing experience. It’s not enough to cram in keywords, you need to include features a human would enjoy.

Target #3 – Improve your ad’s click-through-rate (CTR)

Google considers how likely someone is to click your ad, which can feel like crystal-ball gazing.

Luckily, you can make some simple tweaks to convince Google your ads are likely to be clicked – which will boost your Quality Score.

  • Make sure your ad text is compelling and entices people to read and click
  • Include unique benefits of your service, like free roof evaluations
  • Try different call-to-actions that match the CTAs on your landing page
  • Use powerful words to drive interest and action, like ‘Browse’, ‘Download’, ‘Claim Your Free’, etc

Specific ads that offer value are the simple secret behind higher click-through-rates.

“Should I improve my Quality Score on my own or hire a PPC expert?”

This depends on your goals as a roofer.

If you want to learn about running a PPC campaign yourself, you can manage the process from start to finish and save paying agency fees.

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But not every roofer is keen to add ‘PPC Manager’ to their CV (along with the extra hours of work that come with it). Outlining the steps to an improved Quality Score always looks easier on paper than in reality. Just as re-roofing and installation can be explained in a paragraph, but doing the actual job takes serious skill and expertise.

When you hire a PPC agency to improve your Quality Score, you benefit through experts working on your business. Your weekends stay free while those experts get your Quality Score up.

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True, this will cost you money in agency fees. But if you’re paying an agency $1,000 a month to improve your Quality Score and the improvements a). bring your ad costs down by $500 a month and b). generate $3,000 a month in extra revenue because your ads are being clicked more, that’s a win.

If you want to pay less, and earn more, roofing PPC experts are the way to go.

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