Industries Roofing Why Choose Tradie Digital to Build My Roofing Website?

Why Choose Tradie Digital to Build My Roofing Website?

Why Choose Tradie Digital to Build My Roofing Website

“Pick me!”, “Pick me!”, “Pick me!”

Choosing an agency to build your roofing website is tough when everyone claims they’re the best. Decoding the sales-speak and figuring out who can help you grow your business isn’t always easy.

Are we the best? Don’t know and don’t care. What we do know is that our websites are built using our own ‘P-C-D Framework’ that’s delivered over $200 million in leads to roofers like you, and we think you care about that.

Here’s why Tradie Digital is best suited to help your roofing business attract more leads and new clients.

Connect. Empower. Explore. Grow…

As a roofer you’re sick to death of buzzwords and jargon.

You don’t want to hear a web design agency throw words at you, you want to know why you should open your wallet and spend your hard-earned money on us and not the next guy.

So we’ll tell you…

  • Our roofing websites are GUARANTEED to increase your leads (if not, we give you $300)
  • We only work with trade businesses, so we specialize in roofing websites (oh you sell clothes online? Then you’re in the wrong spot pal).
  • We operate on a low-cost site building model (looking to save thousands of dollars on your site? We offer that service).

Our websites have generated millions of dollars worth of leads for roofers across Australia, the United States, the UK and more. And using our unique ‘P-C-D Framework’ (scroll down for the full details) we can sell your services to anyone.

Residential roof replacement. Commercial roof installation up to 50,000 square feet. Slate roofing restoration. Solar panel cleaning.

It doesn’t matter what roofing services you offer – read on to discover how we can generate consistent leads no matter how competitive your market is.

$300 Lead Increase Guarantee

“Does Tradie Digital have experience in building roofing websites?”

Yep, we’ve got $200 million dollars worth of experience.

That’s the value of the leads we’ve generated for our clients – and plenty of those trade business owners are residential and commercial roofers.

Where most agencies go wrong is to build sites that would win prestigious awards at a fancy blacktie event. Our roofing websites look great, but we’re not trying to turn heads. We’re trying to bring in new customers.

That’s why we don’t focus on websites that work – we focus on websites that GET work. Because what’s the point of a flashy site with your roofing services and all your contact info, if no one ever contacts you?

Our roofing websites are fast, mobile-friendly and eye-catching. But more importantly, they’re packed full of conversion features that help you generate more leads, put more bookings in the calendar, and get more work.

Learn the secret ingredients of all great roofing websites (are you using these features yet???)

The reason our roofing websites crush the competition? The ‘P-C-D Framework’

Ask most web design agencies what makes their websites stand out and they’ll hit you with a slick sales response, something along the lines of “we have the most skilled web developers and our websites tick your customer’s boxes”.

OK, that sounds great in theory but HOW will your new roofing website stand out?

At Tradie Digital we’re happy to share our website secrets with you, and our success comes down to the ‘P-C-D Framework’.

What is the P-C-D Framework?

The P-C-D Framework stands for:

  • Psychology
  • Content
  • Design

Here’s how each of these three pillars come together to turn any roofing website from a static online business card to a customer conversion engine that brings in leads while you sleep.

Step #1 – Psychology

Your roofing customers don’t care if your home page is yellow, canary or mustard. They care about increasing the value of their home by 15% to 40% and they want a new roof to do it.

Just like your roofing customers don’t care if your service page font is a geometric sans-serif, a playful stencil, or Times New Roman. They care about fixing the storm damage to protect the kid’s toys they store in the attic.

In short, your customers all have unique problems that need solving. Successful roofing sites – we’re talking the sites that rank highest on Google and generate consistent leads – make solving these problems their #1 priority.

Through market research, customer interviews, buyer persona analysis and scouring the internet for clues, we establish the EXACT problems your target audience has and use this psychology to frame every single design and content decision we make.

When your roofing site is built specifically as a problem-solving tool, it’ll steal leads from competing roofers who thought the best approach was to use a picture of their latest roofing project or to write about the history of their business.

Every roofing customer is driven by psychology, so that’s what drives our roofing sites.

Step #2 – Content

Armed with your target audience’s core problems, we use this psychology to create content that’s relevant, helpful and so scarily accurate to the problems they had they’ll think you read their mind.

Since we know what problems people are facing, we can create content that appeals to potential customers no matter how close (or far) they are from a sale. Whether it’s a blog post warning about the danger of storm damage, or a service page offering fast and affordable roof repair to protect their belongings, we cast a net over the ENTIRE thought process.

It doesn’t matter if someone is realizing they have a problem for the first time, or looking for a roofer on Google, your content speaks to them.

Not that we leave anything to chance. Our roofing content is packed full of roofing-related keywords to help you attract leads through Google. Whether it’s a Google search for “roofer near me” or “how much does it cost to replace a cracked clay tile shingle”, your content is SEO-friendly and perfectly placed to solve people’s problems by positioning YOU as the expert.

Step #3 – Design

With your target audience’s psychology framing every piece of content we create, the final step is to design a site that takes site visitors and guides them towards a conversion.

As a roofer you already offer free estimates, so we utilize this in the form of powerful call-to-actions (CTA) buttons offering free estimates and call-outs. With badges showing off your roofing industry associations, 5-star reviews from happy customers, and free reports for people to download, your site is more than a business card – it goes beyond a source of information and becomes a customer-conversion engine.

Which is our fancy way of saying it attracts targeted traffic looking for roofing help, funnels them to problem-solving content on an easy-to-browse website, and guides them towards contacting you with design features that spike interest.

It’s not rocket science. It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Scratch that…

It’s as easy as P-C-D.

Get More Google Badge And Facebook Reviews. Then Watch Sales Grow!
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Looking for reasons to choose us? Here’s 4 reasons roofers love our websites

Guaranteed Roofing Leads Zero Contracts
We don’t just talk the talk. When you trust us to build your website we GUARANTEE to increase your leads or we’ll give you $300. You hate being locked into a contract, so we don’t use them. EVER. All Tradie Digital clients can leave anytime they want.
Low-Cost Website Model We Only Work With With Trade Businesses
If you’ve been quoted $10,000 for a roofing site then you know the options can be pricey. We offer a range of low cost site building services to save you thousands of dollars. We can’t help you unless you’re a trade business. This allows us to focus our strategies, instead of using a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and drive higher ROI.

Still on the fence? Compare the DIY website building process against outsourcing to the pros

If you’re serious about growing your roofing business, this offer is for you…

Not every roofer is looking to outsource their website build and that’s fine.

If you’re looking to DIY the process, learn how to build a great roofing website here.

But if you’re ready to learn how the PCD Framework would apply to your business, use the link below to schedule a free consultation with a Tradie Digital expert (valued at $495). There’s no commitment, but plenty of potential.

Schedule your free consultation

Earn 5-Star Reviews While You Sleep. Then Watch Sales Grow.
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