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What Makes a Great Roofing Website? 9 Must-Have Features To Increase Your Leads

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The average roofing customer spends 2 minutes and 17 seconds on a website. With such little time to convince someone to hire your services, is your site helping you land a sale…or hurting you?

Here’s the truth, great roofing websites have nothing to do with the color scheme or the choice of font. Great roofing websites are able to build trust quickly (as in, within 2 minutes and 17 seconds).

When your roofing site makes people trust you, they’re more likely to do business with you. And the following 9 roofing site design features are proven to turn any roofing site into a trusted customer-conversion engine.

What makes a great roofing website?

In one word – Trust.

Great roofing websites build trust instantly and that’s how they get work rolling in while run-of-the-mill websites end up gathering cobwebs.

Because it’s not how skilled you are as a roofer that’s going to get people contacting you and requesting roofing estimates – it’s whether your website convinces them you can be trusted to work on their home or business, deliver an A+ service, and give them their money’s worth.

So don’t get bogged down in what shade of green your website menus should be, or whether you post the photo of yourself in the red shirt or the black shirt. If you make it easy for people to use your website and show them that you can be trusted, you’ll never have a shortage of leads.

In this article, we’ll cover the 9 roofing website features you need to drive more leads and become the #1 roofer in your local area.

Whether you work on commercial roofs or residential roofs; install solar roofs or stone-covered steel, these design features will help flood your pipeline with hot leads.

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#1 – Easy to use navigation

When someone lands on your roofing website it means they know what they’re looking for.

They didn’t stumble on your site while they were trying to check their emails. They went to Google with a specific roofing problem and found YOU. You’re throwing away that momentum if your website doesn’t have clear navigation to guide people from one page to the next.

This isn’t a website feature that needs to reinvent the wheel. In fact, keep it super simple. This includes:

  • A ‘Search Bar’ at the top of your website to let people look for specific pages
  • Limit the number of pages in your main navigation menu to seven
  • Use short, simple language for each menu item so people know what to expect

More than a design feature, easy-to-use navigation helps people stay on your site longer, increases leads as people find the info they want quickly and increases conversions as people feel like you make their life easier.

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#2 – Obvious CTA buttons

Next to no one is visiting your roofing site without a goal in mind.

Whether they want to compare prices with another roofer, download a resource you’ve created, sign up for your newsletter, or contact you for a booking, it’s YOUR job to make it easy to achieve those goals.

And how do you do that? With obvious call-to-action buttons, or CTAs.

There are roughly 11,376 tips you’ll find on Google (we made that figure up, but you get the idea) which makes creating a CTA button that gets clicked feel impossible. So here’s the simple (and successful) changes you need to worry about:

  • Make your CTA button LOOK like a button (this triggers people’s psychological urge to want to push it)
  • Use a strong command to tell people what to do, for example, ‘Book Now’, ‘Download’, ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Request your free quote’
  • Use text and button colors that contrast the background, for example, a red button on a white background
  • Limit your CTA button to five words at most to keep them simple and easy to read

Obvious CTA buttons

#3 – Customer testimonials

If you were looking for a local roofer and your friends all recommended the same business, you’d feel more confident about contacting that business for a quote.

Online testimonials from customers have the same powerful effect.

Even though the testimonials aren’t from friends or family, 70% of people trust reviews and recommendations from strangers, so make sure you include testimonials on your site.

The most common form of testimonial is a text-based review, often with an image of the customer attached to help personalize the feedback, like the example below…

Customers testimonials

You can supercharge your testimonial though and help drive more quote requests and leads by using video testimonials instead. Videos help show the emotion involved and allow the site visitor to see how your roofing services could help their lives in the same way.

testimonials thumbnail

With 2 out of 3 people saying they’re more likely to do business with a roofer after seeing a video testimonial from a customer like themselves, this is one roofing site feature you want on your website.

#4 – Roofing project galleries

Working in the roofing industry means your work isn’t just functional, but aesthetic-based too.

People want holes patched and tiles replaced, but they want their new roof to look stunning and make the neighbors jealous. You can tap into this desire to see an eye-catching finished roof by including a project gallery on your roofing site.

More than a random collection of your work, a project gallery is a crystal ball for potential customers to look into. When they see a newly replaced residential roof or a commercial roof patched up after a storm, they can literally see what your business can do for them.

Take your gallery to the next level with a ‘Before and After’ section. Since the human brain can process images in 13 milliseconds – literally the blink of an eye – you can show people the roadmap from a tired, aged roof to a modern, sleek roof instantly.

Roofing project galleries

#5 – Problem-solving content

A common mistake roofers make is to treat their site like a digital business card.

It’s crucial you have your contact info on your site, but that’s the bare minimum. Your site needs to be a source of high-quality content that solves people’s problems.

We’ll say that again because it’s the most important feature of your content – SOLVE PEOPLE’S PROBLEMS.

Your potential customers come to you looking for help. Maybe they have loose tiles, maybe they need to organize a roof for a renovation project, maybe they need a roof clean before fire season. And the roofer they choose to help them will be the one who demonstrates their expertise and authority.

You don’t go to the dentist with the lowest prices, you choose the most skilled professional to take care of your teeth. Your customers view their roofs with the same love and care. They don’t want an unlicensed cowboy or their cousin Bob to start swinging a hammer – they want a local expert.

And you prove you’ve got that expertise with content that solves people’s roofing problems.

Your problem-solving content will also have plenty of other benefits, including:

  • Boosting your SEO as you rank for the keywords in your content
  • Increase site traffic as people come to read your content
  • Develop and strengthen relationships with your readers
  • Attract email subscribers who love your helpful articles
  • Build backlinks as other people share your content
  • Drive sales as people see you as the #1 expert in your field

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#6 – Simple contact forms

There are a million reasons for your site visitors to hit the ‘back’ button and leave without contacting you.

Maybe the phone is ringing in the other room. Maybe the kids are fighting in the background. Maybe there’s too much info in their head and they can’t choose a roofer right now.

Whatever the reason, you fight an uphill battle to convince people to reach out to you. And the simplest way to start winning this battle is to simplify your contact forms.

Don’t ask for more info than you need or you’ll scare people away. That could mean asking for:

  • Name
  • Contact number
  • Message

While this may seem simple, studies have shown that a contact form with three fields has an average conversion rate of 25% compared to the conversion rate of just 16% when the number of fields goes up to six.

You’ll also want to add your contact forms high on the page, as not everyone will scroll to the bottom.

BONUS TIP: Always design your roofing site to meet current customer behaviors, not previous behaviors. For example, 58% of people would rather NOT leave their phone number on a contact form as spam calls have become more common.

Although you want to speak to a customer, consider whether asking for an email and building a relationship that way would be more effective.

contact form

#7 – Certifications and industry recognition

The roof might not get the most attention from day to day, but it plays a crucial role in keeping people, families, and possessions safe. When it comes time to choose a roofer, you better believe potential customers will rule out the unreliable options fast.

To make sure you survive the cull, include any certifications or industry-recognized connections on your website.

You could add these on an ‘About Us’ page, or as part of a ‘Why Choose Us’ section on your home page. Depending on where you operate your roofing business, consider adding:

  • Registered Building Practitioner’s license
  • Member of Trade Organization (Master Building Association or National Roofing Contractors Association)
  • Energy Star Certified Roof Products
  • Accredited roofing business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Roof and height Safety Accreditation

#8 – Price and promotions

Every potential roofing customer is thinking “how much will this service cost me?”.

It’s tempting to leave prices off your website (and plenty of roofers do) because you think it will increase the number of people calling you for a quote – when it actually does the opposite.

Roofing customers are comparing your site with tens of other sites, and any roofing website that doesn’t make it easy to at least find a ballpark estimate on cost will be left behind.

That doesn’t mean you need to include your exact prices, but something along the lines of “New roof replacement from just $4 per square foot” can give people the confidence they need to reach out.

A little info on your competitive value will help drive more leads than the mystery of leaving prices off your site completely. And if you’re worried people won’t choose you when they see mention of your prices, then they wouldn’t have chosen you during a phone call either – so it’s better you qualify leads on your site instead of wasting your time handing out free quotes to roofing leads who would never have become customers.

#9 – Free estimates and quotes

Your customers love ‘free’.

More than that, they expect it. Offering a free roofing estimate, whether it’s for a clean, repair, or replacement, has become standard in the roofing industry. If you’re not willing to head out to a potential customer’s property and provide a custom quote, you’ll miss out on the bulk of work in your local area.

64% of roofing customers find customer experience MORE important than price. So if you’re not willing to put your customers first and provide free estimates and quotes, then those customers will go elsewhere.

Keep in mind, it’s not enough to just offer this complimentary service. Your free quotes and estimates should be immediately obvious when someone lands on your site.

Check out this example from Vincent Roofing. Their ‘Free Quote’ option is obvious, so people don’t even have to scroll down the page to find it.

vincent roofing

What ONE change are you going to make on your roofing site today?

These 9 roofing website features are only scratching the surface of what’s possible when you start transforming your site from a ‘digital business card’ to a ‘customer-conversion engine’.

But they’re the foundations of a successful roofing site – one that brings in hot leads each week so you can focus on your work.

With a website that’s professional, easy to use, filled with problem-solving content, and offering value, you’ve got everything you need to become successful in the competitive roofing industry.

And if you don’t have a ton of web design experience that’s OK. The most important thing is you start taking small steps today so that 6 months from now you’re knocking back work because your calendar is full.

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We challenge you to apply just ONE of these roofing website features and see what a difference it makes.

After help applying all 9 strategies (plus the advanced strategies that can rocket you to the top of Google and have you booked out for months)?

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We don’t work with lock-in contracts and guarantee to increase your leads (Or will give you $300!).
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