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What is Roofing SEO? Find Out If You Need SEO in 30 Seconds

What is roofing SEO

Every man and his dog suggests SEO when you ask for tips to bring in more leads and get more roofing customers. But when you ask what that means they’re suspiciously quiet.

Here’s the simple version – roofing SEO is the process of optimizing your website and online presence to boost your rankings on Google and position yourself as an authority.

More than the process of getting more eyeballs on your website, people come from Google looking to hire residential and commercial roofers every day. And since SEO closes 8.5 times as many leads as traditional marketing, your bottom line will thank you.

What’s the first thing you do when you need to find a local business, whether it’s to try a new restaurant or paint your house?

You jump online.

9 out of 10 people use the internet to find local businesses, so if you want more roofing customers, that’s where you need to be. But you can’t just build a website or launch a Facebook page and be “on the internet”.

To connect with your potential customers you need to make sure your website is available where people are looking – and that’s on Google. With 93% of browsing experiences starting at a blank Google screen, the secret to growing your business is to use roofing SEO to make sure those people find YOU instead of your competition.

Best of all roofing SEO works whether you’re a commercial roofer or residential roofer, so read on to discover what roofing SEO is, and how to make it work for you.

What is SEO for roofers?

Google processes roughly 40,000 searches every second.

By the time you’ve finished reading this sentence, people have searched for thousands and thousands of products and services – and that’s where SEO for roofers comes in.

The majority of these searches aren’t for a specific business. That means people aren’t looking for “Bob’s Roofing Company”. They’re describing their problems on Google and trusting Google to provide the most relevant results.

  • “Broken shingles”
  • “Fix storm damaged roof”
  • “Affordable meat roof replacement”
  • “Pre-purchase roof inspection”

The roofing businesses that appear on Google’s results page are the ones most likely to get new business. When someone searches for ‘fix storm damaged roof’ and they find a roofing site that offers free quotes, same-day services, and an entire page dedicated to storm damage tips and prevention, they’re likely to pick up the phone and make a booking.

SEO for roofers is the changes you make to your website across the design, technical features and content that convince Google to put YOUR business on the first page.

Because you can launch a roofing website, but without optimizing for roofing SEO, no one will find it.

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How does Google decide which roofer ranks online?

SEO can feel like a mystery to roofers, and most marketing agencies prefer this attitude (because it makes it easier to sell roofing SEO services to them).

Although roofing SEO can be complex to apply (though there are plenty of simple SEO tweaks you can make on your own), it’s not tough to understand.

Here’s how roofing SEO works. Every time someone searches using roofing-related keywords, Google wants to show roofing websites that offer:

  • Expertise
  • Authority
  • Trustworthiness

Google doesn’t want roofing businesses to rank if they’re unlicensed cowboys or fly-by-night rip-off artists, and they use each roofing company’s website and online presence to figure out if they’re legit or not.

If you want to rank higher on Google, you need to show Google that your website is all three of those qualities we listed above. The process of proving these qualities to Google takes months, again, because Google doesn’t want fly-by-night roofers to take advantage of the system and skip the queue.

To make sure the roofers at the top of Google earn their spot, Google uses a ranking algorithm that covers over 200 ranking factors (this is where plenty of roofers start to feel overwhelmed).

But as long as you’re showing off your expertise, authority and trustworthiness, you don’t have to worry about ticking those 200+ boxes. In fact, you can ignore the long list of ranking factors and boost your roofing SEO by following a simple roadmap that shows off your expertise, authority and trustworthiness:

Step One: Find roofing keywords and create content around those roofing keywords Step Two: Optimize your website to be fast, mobile-friendly and easy to use Step Three: Build backlinks to your roofing content

“So roofing SEO is really just a 3-step process?”


At Tradie Digital we boil roofing SEO down to:

  • Content
  • Website architecture
  • Backlinks

And we’ve generated over $200 million in leads for roofers and trade businesses as a result.

Roofing SEO can feel like a thousand moving parts, but when you nail those three core features, your rankings will go up and your website will become more visible to potential customers.

What is Local SEO for roofers?

46% of all Google searches have local intent.

That means people are looking for businesses in their area using keywords with local intent, like “roofing company near me” or “local roof repair”.

If a search contains any reference to a town, city, suburb, postcode or location, then it triggers a local search – and those are the types of searches you want to rank for.

While SEO improves your visibility and rankings on a national scale, local SEO is about helping you rank in your local area. This can feel like a tiny difference but it has HUGE ramifications for your business.

SEO is typically triggered when someone wants information. Local SEO is triggered when someone wants a local service.

For example, if someone searches for “roof repair tips” they’re looking for info to fix up their roof. But if that same person searches for “roof repair near me” they’re now looking for a local roofer to help fix their roof.

It’s great to rank for both types of SEO, as that’s how you expand your business and bring people to your website. But as a service-provider, ranking for Local SEO is how you bring in a steady flow of local leads month after month.

Keen to learn how to rank for local searches? Read our full list of Local SEO tips that any roofer can use with ZERO EXPERIENCE

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How will roofing SEO help my business?

75.1% of clicks go to the top three roofing businesses on Google.

If you want to be receiving three-quarters of all clicks, you need to improve your rankings and roofing SEO is how you do it.

Instead of waiting for word of mouth referrals or chasing up old customers, your website can appear on Google and attract inbound leads. Not only are inbound leads easier to close (with a conversion rate almost 9x higher than traditional outbound leads) but you save time too.

Imagine heading out to replace a client’s curling and buckling shingles and coming home to find new leads in your inbox. While you were out on-site, your website ranked on Google when someone searched for “broken shingle repair near me”, they clicked through and were impressed by your helpful content and easy-to-use website, and asked for a free estimate.

Put simply, roofing SEO is about boosting your visibility and authority.

When you optimize your site you make it easier for people to find you, and easier for people to trust you – after all, your website loads quickly, it’s easy to browse on a site visitor’s phone, and every page is full of awesome content.

The end result? More people on your site, more leads in your inbox, and more bookings in the calendar.

Congrats, you’re a roofing SEO pro. What are you going to do to put this knowledge into practice?

Most roofers never get this far, so take a moment to congratulate yourself.

OK, enough self-congratulation.

It’s time to take what you’ve learned and apply it to your business. You can know how to replace a full colorbond roof, but climbing up a ladder and actually *doing* the job is a different ball game.

Now you know what roofing SEO is (and how it can help your business) you need to start applying SEO strategies, and that means optimizing your:

  • Content
  • Website Architecture
  • Backlinks

Here’s what steps to take next…

OPTION A: Compare DIY SEO with outsourcing to an agency.

OPTION B: Schedule a FREE consultation (valued at $495) to learn more about the Tradie Digital approach to SEO.

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