Industries Roofing Does SEO Work for Roofing Businesses?

Does SEO Work for Roofing Businesses?

Does SEO Work for Roofing Businesses

Yes, SEO works for roofing businesses…

But ONLY if you’re willing to set long-term goals for your business. If you want to wake up in the #1 spot tomorrow, SEO isn’t for you.

If you want to generate a consistent stream of monthly leads through Google that convert almost 9x higher than traditional leads from cold calling or leaflet drops, then SEO is for you.

Read on to discover the 3 crucial features you’ll need to nail though if you want to make SEO work for you.

“Does it work?”

That’s the basic question going through your head before you pay for any product or service.

Sheet metal benders, tin snips, gutter tools. It doesn’t matter what you’re buying, you need to know your purchase will get the job done.

SEO for roofers is no different.

You’ve read plenty of articles on Google, you’ve been told to use SEO to grow your business by people you trust, but all you keep finding online is endless theory and sales pitches from SEO agencies.

So here’s the simple truth – SEO works if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.

You can’t sprinkle a few “SEO tweaks” on your website and expect to wake up in spot #1 tomorrow. But you can drive long term results with a simple optimization strategy.

Successful SEO requires you to optimize three core features of your roofing website and online presence:

  • Content: Is your content created around keyword, in-depth and problem solving?
  • Website Architecture: Is your site fast, mobile-friendly, easy to use?
  • Backlinks: Have you earned backlinks from relevant, trusted websites?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to those three questions then SEO will work for your roofing business.

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Does SEO work better for residential or commercial roofers?

It’s all the same.

SEO isn’t influenced by the services you offer, so it doesn’t matter if you repair thousands of residential flat roofs a year or you’re a commercial contractor helping million dollar businesses.

As long as you have customers who have problems that need solving, SEO will work for you.

For example, someone looking to repair the roof on their family home and someone looking to repair the roof on their multi-million dollar business have the same problem – they need roofing help and they lack the skills to do it themselves. Those potential customers will head to Google to find solutions to their problems, and if your business is ranked on the first page, you’ll be in the prime spot to earn a phone call or roofing estimate.

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How SEO for roofing companies brings in new customers

Remember those three core features you need to include to see SEO results?

  • Content
  • Website Architecture
  • Backlinks

Let’s stick with the example of someone waking up to find a huge hole in their roof after a storm, and heading to Google to find help. Here’s how SEO connects those people with your business to help you land a sale.

Content Website Architecture Backlinks
SEO Feature Is your website full of keyword-rich content that’s in-depth and problem solving? Is your website fast, mobile-friendly and easy for people to explore? Has your website earned backlinks from relevant, trusted websites?
Customer Outcome People Googling ‘fast roof repair’ find your content ranking on Google because you used the same keywords in your latest article, ‘What to do if a storm has smashed your roof’. People with damaged roofs can easily find your ‘roof repair’ page and see that you offer fast quotes, free estimates, and workmanship warranties. People with damaged roofs read about you on third-party sites and backlinks boost your rankings so more people needing roof repair find you online.

In short, it doesn’t matter what type of roofing services you provide, as long as your customers have problems and you’ve optimized your website according to the 3 pillars above, roofing contractor SEO will work for you.

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Roofing SEO Benefits

Most articles you read talk in general marketing terms, which makes it hard to see how SEO would benefit your roofing business.

Statements like “improve your online visibility” feel annoyingly generic.

Even though that statement is true, it’s the type of thing an SEO salesman says without explaining HOW your roofing company will benefit from SEO, so we’ll outline a few ways SEO will benefit your business in terms you’ll understand.

✅ SEO generates roofing leads through Google

Inbound leads are better than outbound leads. This comes down to the way people are learning about your business.

If you drop a leaflet in a letterbox offering a roof cleaning special, you’re interrupting that homeowner’s day to try and advertise your business.

If you optimize a page on your roofing site so it’s full of info about roof cleaning tips, tricks, prices and packages, you’re the one being interrupted when someone jumps on Google looking for roof repair tips and finds your website.

Instead of you saying “Hey, can I tell you about my roofing business?”, SEO brings people to you who are saying “Hey, can I learn about your business?”.

This difference in approach is why SEO leads close at 14.6% compared to the 1.7% conversion rate of outbound leads.

✅ SEO means you save money on advertising your roofing business

Paying for SEO can feel like a major investment, but once you start seeing results you can enjoy a consistent flow of leads month after month, without having to spend big.

For example, if you’re paying $1,000 a month on a billboard by the busiest road in town, you’ll have to factor in that $1k spend every month. And when you stop paying, the billboard comes down and your visibility tanks.

Once your roofing site is ranked on Google you don’t need to keep paying big money to keep it there. As long as you stay on top of the three core features of roofing SEO – content, website architecture, backlinks – your rankings will stay consistent and you’ll get regular leads.

Whether you’re paying for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or you really do have a billboard on Main Street, you can save your money by getting your site on Google.

✅ SEO means roofing customers find you instead of your competition

When someone jumps on Google looking for a local roofer, they’re going to find SOMEBODY.

If it’s not your website, it’s going to be the website of your competition.

It’s easy to think those potential customers don’t matter, but with 46% of ALL Google searches looking for local businesses and info, you’ll be giving up on 1 out of every 2 customers without SEO.

In contrast, when someone searches for “slate roof replacement near me” you can use SEO to rank above your competition, taking potential customers from them instead, and filling your bank account with the money that they wanted.

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“Are there any drawbacks to roofing SEO?”

9 out of 10 articles about SEO are from marketing agencies who want you to hire their SEO services. So you’re not always getting the most neutral opinion.

While we do provide roofing SEO, we’d never tell you to use the service if it isn’t right for you.

Here are a few reasons to reconsider your need for SEO that can save you time and money.

Is your website SEO-friendly? How fast do you want to generate leads? Do you have time to create content and build backlinks?
If your website isn’t technically up to par then paying for SEO is money wasted.
  • Mobile-optimization
  • Fast load speeds
  • Clear URL structure
  • Internal links

Without these crucial technical features, SEO won’t deliver the most value.

If you’re keen on SEO but your site hasn’t been optimized, you’re better off fixing up your site before you think about SEO.

Do you want leads by this time next Monday?

Fast leads are more suited to pay-per-click (PPC) marketing strategies like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

SEO can take months to see results. Although this can create regular leads 6 to 12 months from now, unlocking a pipeline of hot roofing leads with SEO in the next few weeks isn’t realistic.

If you want fast leads, consider a PPC campaign instead.

Roofers are busy at the best of times, if you want to manage your own SEO campaign you’ll need to find time to research roofing keywords, create roofing content and build backlinks to your site.

These are time-consuming tasks that SEO agencies spend countless hours on.

If you want to DIY your SEO, you’ll need to have enough time to do it properly, or you’re better off leaving SEO for now.

Tell us about your SEO goals on your free strategy session

You’ve been learning about SEO for a while now, so this isn’t your first rodeo.

That means right now you have two options:

  • Keep researching and looking for more info until you have the answers you need
  • Book a FREE consultation to learn if our SEO campaigns are right for you

Having generated over $200 million worth of leads for trade businesses and roofers, we’ve developed an SEO strategy that works. Focusing on the three pillars of SEO – content, website architecture and backlinks – it’s possible to outrank the roofers above you and become the #1 business in your area.

You’ve done your homework, now let us show you the SEO strategies we’ve been working on.

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If you’re interested in a professional SEO campaign, claim a FREE consultation to put our SEO strategies to the test

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