Industries Roofing Top 10 Roofing Website Templates [2021 Full Comparison]

Top 10 Roofing Website Templates [2021 Full Comparison]

Top 10 Roofing Website Templates

Website templates are perfect for roofers who don’t have the time to design a website from scratch and don’t want to spend thousands paying an agency to build a site for them.

With a roofing template, you can pick a ready-made theme you like and bring a website to life with the click of a button. It’s fast, easy, and affordable – but how do you know which website template is best for you?

Read on to discover the four MUST-HAVE features of a roofing template, plus 10 of the best templates available and where to find them.

0.05 seconds.

That’s all the time it takes for a site visitor to form an opinion of your roofing site. And it’s that opinion that determines whether they’ll stay to browse your services and request a quote – or head back to Google to check out your competition.

As a roofer you don’t want to spend your weekends building a website from scratch or shelling out $5,000 for an agency to build it for you, which is what makes website builders and roofing templates so valuable.

Roofing templates come pre-populated with roofing pages to match your services, plus key features like ‘Request a Quote’ forms and ‘Free Estimate’ buttons to help you get more leads. And each roofing template is already designed so you don’t have to do a thing but point and click.

But not all roofing templates are created equal…a cheap, poorly designed roofing template can make people think you run a cheap, poorly managed business.

So whether you work on residential roofing, commercial roofing, or you’re a one-man-band looking to get started online, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best roofing website templates that will impress your site visitors and have people coming to you when they need help on their roofs.

Don’t choose a theme without learning what makes a great roofing website!!! Make sure your theme includes these 10 CRUCIAL features

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Look for the following features in your chosen roofing template

✔ Customization Options (But Not Too Many) ✔ Always Choose A Responsive Design
You want to be able to change colors and tweak the design to suit your branding, but if it’s your responsibility to decide where every single feature goes, consider looking for another roofing template. Over 50% of traffic comes from mobile phones. A responsive and mobile-friendly design will change to suit any screen, and ensure you impress people and generate leads no matter what device they’re on.
✔ Choose The Right Template Provider ✔ SEO-Friendly Features
Roofing templates are available for different website builders. If you’re running a WordPress website, you’ll need a compatible theme. And if you’re picking a website builder, make sure your preferred theme is compatible with the platform. 46% of all Google searches have local intent – meaning they’re looking for local info, products and services. Even if you’re not running a full SEO campaign, your roofing template should be SEO-friendly to make sure you’re available on Google.

How to choose the right roofing website template

Your website is an extension of your roofing business.

If your site is low-quality, confusing and cheap, then people will associate those same qualities with your business. In contrast, a roofing website that’s easy to use, SEO-friendly and professional helps you earn more quote requests and bookings.

But building a website sounds hard, right?

Between learning how to code and knowing what design features will help your conversions, it’s practically a full-time job to get your website knowledge up to speed.

Enter roofing website templates.

Roofing website templates are ready-made themes that require zero coding or design experience. Every feature is already in place and designed to create a user-friendly site. That’s the difference between a site visitor thinking “I think I’ll keep browsing” and “I’m ready to make a booking”.

To make your job easier we’ve rounded up 10 of our favourite roofing website templates, plus the website builder they’re suited to. These website builders include:

  • WordPress
  • Pedestal
  • Wix
  • Weebly

Wondering which website builder is best for your roofing website? Check our full website builder comparison and breakdown [2021 Edition]

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Top roofing website templates

#1 – ‘Renovation’ [WordPress]

The ‘Renovation’ roofing template is perfect for one-man bands and small roofing companies looking to establish themselves online.

With seven homepage options, you have complete control over how your site looks, though it’s creative additions like the in-built ‘Cost Calculator’ that showcases the strength of this roofing template. This feature lets your site visitors estimate costs for roofing services and manage their budget – crucial in overcoming the objections to a sale and showing the ability of this roofing theme to balance design and conversion goals.

Fully responsive, this template offers exceptional speed so your site visitors won’t be waiting to learn about your roofing business.

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#2 – ‘Roofix’ [WordPress]

Powered by popular WordPress builder Elementor, Roofix takes advantage of an easy-to-use drag and drop interface, allowing you to design the roofing site you want after applying your template.

Coming with two homepage demos you have multiple options to ensure your website matches your company branding, with unlimited color schemes to ensure consistency. Fully compatible with core WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO, this template is designed to be SEO-friendly with a clean design that suits all roofers from the local handyman through to a nationally recognized name.

Roofix also offers excellent blogging design if you plan to use blogs to grow your authority and expertise down the line.

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#3 – ‘Shelder’ [WordPress]

Also powered by the popular WordPress builder Elementor, Shelder is a classy and professional template highly suited to commercial roofers looking to convey their quality.

Shelder comes equipped with two homepage designs to choose from, as well as 25 service pages across maintenance, painting, roof replacement, roof repair, and plenty of other core services to make sure customers can find your business when they go looking online.

This roofing template offers key sections including project galleries, quote request forms, roofing processes, team profiles, and customer testimonials. The overall clean look and feel of this roofing template, with a powerful Revolution slider, is sure to project a modern and industry-leading impression of your roofing business.

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#4 – ‘Estand’  [WordPress]

Although ‘Estand’ is a home maintenance template, it’s easy to adapt to a roofing-specific business whether you work in residential or commercial sectors.

Offering unique scroll animations and integration with Adobe Fonts, you’ll have hundreds of ways to customize the look and feel of your site, right down to the way your text looks and the icons you use.

It’s hard to miss the huge, hero slide at the top of your homepage, providing the perfect space to show off a roofing project or your professional team. Our favorite feature is the sliding ‘Before and After’ widget that allows you to show your project transforming the same image. Simply slide left or right to show how your roofing services have transformed your client’s properties.

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#5 – ‘Roofing Company’ [Wix]

Wix website templates are known for their beauty and simplicity, with this roofing template packed with large, image-heavy sections to let your work speak for itself.

Ideal for roofers who rely on quality images to attract new customers, this template comes with four pre-populated services, though you can add more using Wix’s easy-to-use interface, which comes as part of this market-leading website builder.

The eye-catching carousel included on your homepage allows you to show off your projects with an automated slider offering enhanced, stunning visuals.

‘Roofing Company’ also includes an embedded Google Map so your site visitors can easily find your company whether they’re at home or on the move.

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Roofing Company

#6 – ‘Construction Company’ [Wix]

For smaller roofing businesses, Wix’s one-page templates put everything that’s needed in one easy-to-browse place.

Although this template is for construction, Wix’s customization and editing options mean you can pivot towards a roofing focus, while keeping the features that make the template so appealing.

Images dominate the page, so if you’ve got access to high-quality photos of your site or aerial photography of your roofs, you’ll find plenty of places to ‘wow’ your site visitors. The embedded Google Map also benefits Local SEO making it easy for both Google and people to find this website and request directions.

While Wix templates don’t reinvent the wheel, they do the classics extremely well and create simple roofing sites that can be up and running in as little as an hour, with all the basic features – from contact forms to ‘About Us’ info included.

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Construction Company

#7 – ‘Roofing Specialists #1’ [Pedestal]

This roofing template is ideal for residential roofers working in competitive locations. Pedestal roofing templates come pre-populated with all design features included so there’s less time wasted figuring out what features to place where.

This outstanding roofing template focuses on conversions with several exciting features to help turn your site visitors into leads. These include:

  • Bright ‘FREE QUOTE WITHIN 24 HOURS’ buttons
  • Free roofing evaluation (worth $195) forms
  • A free downloadable guide to capturing email addresses

Apart from being SEO-friendly and mobile-optimized, this roofing template includes all the building blocks of a trustworthy website from customer testimonials, to current clients and partnered brands.

The inclusion of a ‘Win $5,000 worth of Roofing Services’ is the type of creative lead-generating and high-converting feature Pedestal websites are known for and make this roofing template ideal for roofers looking to establish themselves.

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Roofing Specialists

#8 – ‘Roofing Specialists #2’ [Pedestal]

This template is a clean and modern design that looks great on all screens. 100% responsive and mobile-friendly, your customers will enjoy the bright, bold above-the-fold images no matter what screen they find you on.

With 9 x roofing service pages pre-populated this template cuts back on the need to build individual pages and figure out how to manage your menu navigation. With 17 pages coming as default and the ability to add more, this roofing template is perfectly suited to a well-established business with a range of services.

Thanks to Pedestal’s in-built conversion features, this template is highly suited for roofers with SEO goals, with the SEO-friendly site structure and layout helping turn site visitors into customers, and improving your Google rankings at the same time.

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roofing specialists 2

#9 – ‘Roofing Specialist #3’ [Pedestal]

Yet another SEO-friendly roofing template, this Pedestal theme combines excellent design and functionality for a roofing site that conveys professionalism and trust.

The carousel banner provides space to show off multiple projects, with each page taking advantage of a dual call-to-action (CTA) offering free quotes AND free roofing evaluations. These creative approaches to lead-generation are a hallmark of Pedestal’s roofing templates with site visitors able to choose from multiple value propositions.

The bold and wide-view service icons make it easy to move from page to page seamlessly, helping boost valuable SEO metrics like time on page and session duration, which contribute to higher rankings on Google.

All Pedestal websites are mobile-friendly and the creative use of negative space and easy-to-read font ensures the browsing experience doesn’t suffer on small smartphone screens.

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roofing specialists 3

#10 – ‘Be Work’ [Weebly]

Weebly’s construction template is perfect for roofers who want a simple, easy-to-use theme that provides the basics, but with style.

Though Weebly websites are often simple, they do the little things well. From adding powerful features like blog articles to the home page to help users solve problems and explore the site, to a sliding carousel banner that lets you promote multiple roofing services without users needing to scroll an inch.

With image and video backgrounds, a user-friendly drag and drop interface, and plenty of options to customize your pages and menus, this template is super simple but super effective.

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Be Work

What does your website design say about your roofing business?

First impressions are made quickly online. And once a potential customer has made their mind up, you can lose them forever.

Your roofing website speaks volumes about your business – whether you want it to or not. Thankfully, choosing the right roofing website template is a quick and simple way to make sure that message is a positive one.

You’ll want to find a template that matches your roofing company’s look and feel, but an eye-catching design is only a small piece of the puzzle. Your template should:

  • give you customization options
  • be responsive to suit mobile customers
  • be suited to the website builder you’re using
  • offer SEO-friendly features

Tick those key boxes and you’ll be choosing a roofing template that’s helping you grow your business.

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