Digital Marketing Custom Websites What is a “We Build It For You” Contractor Website?

What is a “We Build It For You” Contractor Website?

We Build It For You

You need a new website because your leads have dried up and you’re keen to make more money. But when your options are a) build your own site and risk ending up with a lemon or b) pay some agency $5,000 for a new site, it feels like a lose-lose.

But there’s a third option you haven’t considered yet. It’s our “We Build It For You” contractor website. We use the same website building platform you have access to – which keeps the costs down to a few hundred bucks – and since we’re website experts your fast and affordable site is SEO-friendly, able to attract leads, and helps you make more money. Now that’s a win!

Oh, and the best part? We’ll build it within 7 days or it’s FREE!

Let’s say you’re a plumber.

One of your regular clients calls you because they’ve been having ice cold showers all week and they’re starting to think the hot water system might be on the fritz.

They don’t start banging away at the hot water system themselves – not because they couldn’t give it a red hot crack, but because they know you’ve got the tools and the talent to get the job done fast AND to make sure the same problem doesn’t happen again.

That hypothetical scenario is one YOUR business is facing right now, because you’ve got a major problem with your home improvement business that needs fixing – and a fast and cost-effective solution is for us to create a website for you on a website building platform.

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Why it’s called a “We Build It For You” contractor website

We build the whole thing.

Even better, we build it on an existing website building platform so it’s fast and affordable.

It doesn’t involve a single line of code, there won’t be weeks of planning to struggle through, and you won’t pay thousands of dollars for expensive web designers and developers (in fact it’s only a few hundred bucks).

In as little as 2 hours you can have a website that solves the problem your trade business has RIGHT NOW.

“Hold on, what problem do I have with my contractor website?”

You’d know the answer to that better than anyone.

  • No digital marketing strategy?
  • Zero quote requests?
  • Crap leads?
  • Poor SEO?

Whatever problem you’re thinking of right now is hurting your revenue and keeping you in neutral when you want to be putting your foot down and speeding towards your growth goals.

But there’s good news, the problem you’re thinking of can be solved in one simple step – a new conversion-friendly contractor website.

The website dilemma every contractor has to overcome

Building a new website is a problem every tradesperson, home improvement business and contractor will be faced with at some point in their business. You know you need one, but then you’re faced with a choice:

Do you…build the website yourself using a website building platform?
Do you…call an agency to build a custom website for you?

The problem with these two options is that they feel like a lose-lose.

$300 Lead Increase Guarantee

Here’s why most contractors feel like they get the rough end of the stick when building a website

If you build your own trade website through a website builder you’ll be sacrificing plenty of your free time, and unless you’ve studied the latest conversion strategies and SEO tricks, there’s a good chance your new site will look good, but won’t bring in more leads or customers.

On the other hand, paying an agency to create your website can increase your chances of leads and customers, but it will set you back thousands of dollars – not to mention the weeks (or even months) some agencies take to show you any results. Or worse, some agencies don’t even know what they’re doing at all!

That’s a lose-lose situation you’d rather avoid.

The HUGE problem with most website building platforms

Building a home improvement website has become much easier in the last few years thanks to the explosion of website building platforms – think Wix, Squarespace and even WordPress.

Most of these platforms are designed for beginners, so you can sign up in a couple of minutes, pick from pre-existing themes related to your trade industry, add a few pictures and words and hit ‘publish’.

The focus of these website building platforms is to streamline the task of building a site, so you can literally publish a new website in an hour.

But the downside of such a simple process is that most people end up with simple websites. And simple websites don’t convert traffic into customers.

If you want your contractor website to be a digital business card that doesn’t generate leads or increase your conversion rate, this won’t bother you.

But if you want your new website to rank on Google, attract leads each week, and generate revenue, then a simple (no strategy website), is not the answer.

The solution? A ‘We Build It For You’ website.

“What is really a ‘We Build It For You’ contractor website?”

Our ‘We Build It For You’ websites help solve the problems every tradie faces when they need a new site.

You want to save time AND you want to save money.

Instead of donating your next three weekends to learning how to use a website building platform, WE jump on the website building platform for you and knock up a fully optimized site without you lifting a finger.

Keen to skip the theory and see the platform we’ll use? Check out the Pedestal platform here

And since we’ve got the tools and talent to get the job done fast (we’re a bunch of web design and developing pros), you can go from no online presence to an SEO-friendly contractor website in under 2 hours.

That’s like sending a carpenter to build a house worth of IKEA furniture. Sure, the average Joe could do it but it would take forever. When you let a pro do what they’re trained to do, the results are fast and way above average.

So while your competition signs up to the newest fad website builder and drags images around the page randomly, we build a custom site on a specific website builder that looks great and brings in new customers.

Wondering how we create content for your website? Discover how we can become experts in any trade industry.

“Will I save money on a ‘We Build It For You’ contractor website?”


A ‘We Build It For You’ website is the cost-effective solution for time-poor contractors, tradesmen and home improvement businesses who don’t want to spend their weekends mastering a website building platform, but don’t want to shell out $10,000 on a website either.

All you need to do is supply your logo, content and images and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s fast, affordable and requires next to nothing on your end.

“What website builder do you use to build a ‘We Build It For You’ website?”


There are plenty of website builders on the market (you’ve probably heard of Wix or Squarespace) but these are super broad. Anyone from a cake maker to a personal trainer can use these platforms and create a tradie website.

Pedestal is trade-specific.

It’s been designed for service-based businesses only, so whether you work on the tools or manage a service-based team, Pedestal’s features were built with you in mind. The end result is an SEO-friendly website builder that generates 26.7% more leads to home improvement businesses than other website builders.

Wondering how we build a website for SEO? Follow the step-by-step SEO framework.

Quick recap for time-poor contractors

If you’re the type of busy trade business owner or contractor who’s skipped straight to the bottom of this article, then you’re EXACTLY the type of business owner who stands to benefit the most from a ‘We Build It For You’ website.

In short, we don’t write a line of code or build a custom site from the ground up. This easily saves you over $5,000.

Instead, we jump on an existing website building platform and create a custom site for you that’s been designed to attract more leads AND convert at a higher rate. And since we’re trained web design experts, the end result is far superior to anything your competition tries to do themselves.

Wondering how we spike your conversion rate? Learn everything you need to know about boosting your conversion rate.

That’s like a professional painter entering a kindergarten art competition and winning first place. When you let a professional work against amateurs, it’s not a fair fight.

Fast, affordable, and focused on conversions – not winning fancy design awards. That’s our ‘We Build It For You’ contractor website in a nutshell.

Ready to get your trade business online in under 2 hours with an SEO-friendly website?

Let’s get the ball rolling on your own “We Build It For You” website

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