Websites Custom Websites How Do You Create Content If You Don’t Know About My Industry?

Web Content Creation: How Do You Create Content If You Don’t Know About My Contracting Industry?

Web Content Creation: How Do You Create Content If You Don’t Know About My Contracting Industry?

You’re either using a contractor SEO agency to help you with your campaign, or you’re thinking about hiring one. And right now you feel uncertain because you know content is needed to rank on Google and help bring in new customers – but how could an SEO agency be able to write about your home improvement business?

The secret is…we don’t know about your business, but we do know how your customers think and that’s what’s important.

In this post we’ll explain why you don’t need to worry about your SEO agency not knowing as much as you do, because there are a range of web content-creation strategies available to turn a professional copywriter into a home improvement expert.

Within the next 5 minutes you’ll discover how the average Joe copywriter can come across as a fully qualified tradie – and what impact that will have on your rankings.

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Without content your site is the invisible man

Without content, people might talk about you, but no one will ever find you on Google. That means you’re leaving leads on the table. Worse, you’re leaving leads to end up with your competition instead.

Here’s a content secret – if you’re selling a drill, don’t sell the drill. Sell how easy it is to make the hole.

That’s the formula for web content creation. Find out what your customers want and give it to them. Because your customers have very specific problems that they’re trying to solve. That’s why they’re going to Google to look for help. They may want to install a pergola, switch out an old oven for a new one, or upgrade their home’s lighting to newer LED versions. Whatever their goal, they’re looking for help online.

Sometimes this help will be in the form of research, like comparing different products. Other times the help will be in the form of a transaction, meaning they’ve made their choice and they want to find a tradesman to hire.

If your content doesn’t match their problem and provide a solution, you won’t be one of the options they see on Google. For example, if you publish a blog about the importance of mowing your lawn every month, your content won’t appear when people search for tree pruning tips.

Relevance is key. So if you want to appear in front of potential customers, your content needs to be written around the problems those people are facing. Here’s the catch though – when you’re the one creating content for your website, you won’t have a problem. If you’re a pro when it comes to all things backyard, you’ll be able to put your expertise down on paper.

But if you don’t have time to create content, you’ll need to find an SEO team you trust to do it for you. Although it may seem impossible for a marketer to know as much as you do about your trade, there’s actually a key ingredient you’re missing.

A marketer doesn’t need to know everything you know – they only need to know how to solve your target audience’s problems.

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This is exactly how marketers and SEO agencies solve your customer’s problems

The secret to creating content that drives sales isn’t to be the leading expert on the subject.

Bunnings isn’t staffed by the most skilled builders and tradespeople. They understand the problems their target audience is facing (for example, wanting to kickstart a DIY home improvement project) and they help people solve those problems (with a range of materials and low prices). Online content works in the same way.

As an SEO agency we don’t plan to match your level of knowledge, and we’re not telling our content writers to apply for every first-year apprentice role they can find. Our process is designed to get into the minds of your customer, identify their problems, and provide solutions.

Content creation is that simple. When your content does the best job of solving a customer’s problems, Google will reward you. It’s true you also need a solid website architecture and powerful backlinks, but it all starts with problem-solving content.

Here’s how we become experts by solving problems.

Step #1 – We get to know you

Every Tradie Digital client completes a setup form to help us understand your business. This is more than office admin, your questionnaire will tell us about your business, your target market, all of your services, your unique selling proposition (USP), and anything else that makes your business stand out.

Step #2 – Competitor Analysis

Researching the businesses ranking on Google for your target keywords shows us the type of content that Google is prioritising. We’ll be able to see their content quality and quantity. How often are they publishing? How many words are they writing? What optimisation strategies have they used? Most importantly, what topics are they covering?

The topics they cover are the topics we’ll focus on. Remember, the fact they’re ranking shows their content is considered relevant and helpful by Google. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. By seeing what your rivals are writing about, we’ll know where to focus your content.

Step #3 – Content research

Now we know about your trade business, and about your competition, we research each topic in depth to find the root problems your audience are facing. For example, if the keyword you want to target covers kitchen benchtop replacement we drill down to find pain points your customers have.

Are they concerned about price? Are they worried the benchtop replacement process will be drawn out? Are they concerned their benchtop choice will quickly go out of style?

By taking the time to understand the problems customers face, we’re able to create content that solves those same problems. We don’t need 4+ years learning about kitchen benchtops. By seeing what’s ranking, and researching online to understand what concerns people have about your target topic, we have all the info we need to create content that:

  • Matches what Google considers relevant and helpful
  • Matches the quality and word count of your competition
  • Matches the problems of your customers

All that’s left at this point is to sit down and write the content – which is something we DO know a lot about.

No one will care about your business unless your content is helping people

No one knows as much about your industry as you, which is how you’ll turn leads into sales.

But to get those leads in the first place you need to be appearing on Google with content that’s directly tied to the problems people have. By analysing the content already on page #1 of Google, and getting to the root problems people face, all we have to do is connect the dots.

The result is content that specifically targets your customer’s pain points which makes them think you understand them better than anyone else – that’s how you boost your rankings on Google and increase your conversions at the same time.

Ready to start publishing content that solves your customer’s problems and starts generating significant leads to your business?

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Get More Google Badge And Facebook Reviews. Then Watch Sales Grow!
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