Digital Marketing SEO How Many Links Does Tradie Digital Build in an SEO Campaign?

How Many Links Does Tradie Digital Build in an SEO Campaign?

How Many Links Does Tradie Digital Build in an SEO Campaign

There’s nothing worse than an SEO agency hiding their inclusions to try and trick you into a phone call or sales pitch. You want to learn about link building, and compare us with a few other agencies you’re weighing up – and that’s fine with us.

At Tradie Digital, we offer 4 SEO Packages – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each package includes between 2 to 7 monthly citations to boost your Local SEO, and our advanced packages also include 1 to 2 monthly backlinks to boost your rankings on Google.

Read on to find out which link building package is right for you.

If you run a home improvement business, you need to be able to network.

Whether you’re building connections with contractors to help you on future jobs or building connections with local customers who’ll spread positive word of mouth, the more people steering conversations back to your business, the better.

That’s the easiest way to explain link building.

Every time a website creates a one-way link from their site to yours, they’re steering the conversation to you – and Google is the one listening.

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The importance of link building

Google wants to see high-quality links from popular and relevant sites to yours. To Google, backlinks say “these other reputable sites are linking to this website. This also must be a reputable site”. This gives your website more weight and increases your rankings.

The more backlinks pointing to your site, the louder the conversation, and the more likely Google is to increase your rankings. But you’re not here to learn about how backlinks work, you want to know how many links you’ll get working with Tradie Digital.

In this article, we’ll tell you EXACTLY how many backlinks we build, explain our link-building process, and leave you with the steps to take next if you’re ready to up your SEO game.

How many links do you build in each SEO package?

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
3 x Backlinks/month 5 x Backlinks/month 8 x Backlink/month 10 x Backlinks/month

“Why don’t you build more links if they’re so good at improving my rankings?”

Because too many links can ruin your rankings. Just like too many nails can cause wood to weaken and split.

More doesn’t necessarily mean better, and in the case of SEO it’s better to target quality links over quantity.

Our approach across Gold and Platinum SEO Packages is to drip-feed high-quality backlinks month to month. As Google is always on the lookout for businesses trying to manipulate their rankings using black hat SEO tactics, too many links can set off red flags.

On the flipside, adding a smaller number of quality links each month won’t trigger any alarms, looks nice and natural, and is a proven strategy to increase rankings over time.

Why we focus on building quality links from trusted websites

Imagine you asked two of your friends for a recommendation on the best house painters in your local area.

Your first friend owns a paint store, so he knows the industry like the back of his hand. He tells you there’s a specialist house painter he’s heard about who’s supposed to be skilled, efficient and has real attention to detail.

Your second friend owns a pizza shop, and he recommends a specialist house painter he’s heard about who’s supposed to be reliable, professional and great at what he does.

It’s easier to trust that first recommendation because your friend works in the painting industry and knows about paint, so his recommendation carries more weight.

But your second friend is harder to trust because, while he’s great at making pizza, he doesn’t know anything about paint.

That’s how Google sees backlinks.

If you’ve got a link from a quality website that’s trusted, that ‘trust’ is passed through their link to your page. When Google sees this trust building up – in the form of relevant backlinks – you’re more likely to see your rankings improve.

But if there are websites linking to you that aren’t relevant, or aren’t trusted quality sites, you won’t enjoy the same SEO boost.

If Google sees that you’re a roofer, and the list of websites linking to you include a pet store, an adult book store, and an online gambling app for iPhones – there’s no trust being passed to your site and your rankings don’t change – or potentially get worse.

“Why don’t I get any links in a Bronze or Silver SEO package?”

In short. Because you’re not paying for them.

Each SEO package brings a different level of time and expertise. Our Bronze and Silver SEO Packages include 3 to 4 citations on local and national directories – but that doesn’t mean you won’t have the tools to compete with other contractors and home improvement companies.

In niche or less competitive industries, these introductory packages may be enough.

Or, if you have the time and patience to invest in SEO for the long term, and you’re happy to wait to see results over a 12-month span, these SEO packages may be the right option for you.

Wondering how long it takes to rank on page #1? Skip the jargon and get the simple truth here

Google uses backlinks to help determine the top 10 results on the first page of Google. But Google also uses citations to help determine local rankings – these are the businesses you see listed on Google Maps when you search using a specific location or suburb as part of your query.

If you want to get more local work, citations are important.

For example, if someone is searching for ‘Brisbane after-hours locksmith’ they’ll typically see a map with a few Brisbane locksmiths to choose from. These locksmiths aren’t the ONLY businesses in the area – but they do have the best local SEO.

best local SEO

To simplify a complex process, local SEO results are influenced by 3 main factors:

  • Distance (where someone is when they search)
  • Relevance (how relevant your business is to a search)
  • Prominence (how well known your business is)

And a major contributor to that crucial ‘Prominence’ factor is the strength of your citations.

The more directories Google can find you cited on, the more trustworthy your business is, and the better your local SEO results.

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What type of businesses are suited to Tradie Digital Bronze and Silver SEO packages?

Our Bronze and Silver SEO Packages are for businesses who operate in niche trade industries or have the time to invest over the long term and are not expecting results for 12 months or more.

It makes sense to list your business where people are looking.

As people browse online directories looking for trade businesses – like the Yellow Pages, Yelp, or HotFrog – adding citations to these directories can help you get more leads. There are plenty of leads looking for home improvement help near you.

At the same time, citations on these directories is a major local SEO ranking factor, so if Google sees you on these directories then you can rank in more local searches too.

As a tradesperson, contractor or home improvement business owner we’d be confident in saying you’re open to more local work. Our Bronze and Silver SEO Packages place you in local and national directories so you can start being found in your area, and ranking for searches in your area.

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What type of businesses are suited to Tradie Digital Gold and Platinum SEO packages?

Our Gold and Platinum SEO Packages are for businesses who want to dominate Google and their industry.

New customers are great. Even more new customers is better.

We’ve covered how citations help you to appear for local searches. Our Gold and Platinum Packages give you this local SEO boost AND generate backlinks from high authority and relevant websites that improve your SEO.

The result? More website traffic through home improvement keywords, and more local customers looking to talk to you about their upcoming projects and problems.

Wondering how many new customers an SEO campaign would bring your business?

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