Digital Marketing SEO What Does Tradie Digital Do Differently?

What Does Tradie Digital Do Differently?

What Does Tradie Digital Do Differently

There’s a good chance you’ve been through 2 or 3 SEO and digital marketing agencies already and might have been burned before. It’s tough to believe any agency who says “we’re different” and we agree – you shouldn’t partner with anyone unless your business is protected. At Tradie Digital we’ll NEVER lock you in a contract, and we only work with tradies. We also guarantee to increase your leads or we’ll give you $300 (no questions asked).

“All SEO companies are the same, so I might as well go for the cheapest option and at least save some money when things go pear-shaped”

We hear that a lot from contractors, tradespeople, and service providers.

They think SEO is a service, like mowing a lawn or putting up new shelving. But the difference between a good SEO agency and a bad SEO agency is huge. Pay the wrong person on Airtasker to mow your lawn and you might have uneven edges and a few less rose bushes.

Pay the wrong SEO agency and your business could cop a penalty from Google for using black hat SEO tactics, disappear from search engines, and lose out on thousands (if not tens of thousands) in revenue that goes to your competition instead.

We would say that though, wouldn’t we? At Tradie Digital, we are an SEO agency so it’s tough to take our word at face value. That’s why we’ll go through the strategies that make us different from the cowboys and “gurus” who are experts at hyping you up and getting you to sign a contract, but have NO clue what to do once you’re a client.

So let’s start there, with contracts…

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“Will Tradie Digital lock me in a long-term expensive contract?”


Nothing ruins the excitement of growing your business like a long-term, iron-clad contract.

The only people who lock you into a contract are the businesses who KNOW you’re likely to want to get out. That’s why gyms sign you up for 12 months, because they know once that New Year’s resolution wears off they’ll lose plenty of customers. And if an SEO agency locks you in a contract, it’s because they know (from experience) they typically don’t deliver results and their client turnover is high.

You want to get more quote requests and call-outs, not sign up to a contract that’s going to direct debit money from YOUR account month after month – regardless of whether new clients are coming the other direction.

You can cancel your Netflix account whenever you want, and we think it’s fair you have the same option with your SEO.

Every contractor that comes onboard with Tradie Digital can leave just as easily. Which sounds like we’re carrying all the risk. But we don’t need contracts to uphold our high client retention levels. We keep clients based on the results we produce. That means we deliver:

  • More leads
  • More sales
  • More revenue

We keep our clients based on the results we produce. And if our SEO, Google Ad and Social Media Management campaigns can’t deliver results, then you can leave any time.

Don’t pay a cent for SEO without reading our ultimate SEO price guide

“Will I get stuck with a new account manager every month?”


Because we don’t want to train new Tradie Digital account managers every month. That’s why we’ve maintained the same core team as our agency grew.

You hate dealing with a new account manager because it’s like starting over and wasting your time. And when you’re running a business, time is your most important asset. If you’ve ever been locked into a long-term contract with an SEO agency there’s a good chance you’ve been through this already.

Calling your account manager looking for answers. Hearing a new voice on the phone. Having to explain how your business works, what makes you unique, and going back to square one while you grit your teeth and try to stay calm.

It’s frustrating and time-wasting. You won’t have to worry about getting to know someone new every other week, because your account manager will be with you from the very start.

We offer a $300 lead increase guarantee

Let’s talk business, because that’s what matters to you.

No contracts and an account manager that you know better than the barista at your local Starbucks are great, but if there are no results, what’s the point?

We’re an SEO company, but we don’t obsess over your rankings on Google.

Rankings help. But they’re only half the equation. The other half (the more important half) is how well your website converts site visitors into paying clients. This is known as your conversion rate and that’s what matters.

If you want to know more about your conversion rate (and how to use it to get more clients) check out our conversion rate guide.

We let other SEO agencies fight over keywords that either never deliver traffic, or deliver unqualified traffic who don’t give a flying ‘you-know-what’ about home improvement. Instead, we build on our 10 years of experience with data analytics and our unique P-C-D framework.

  • Psychology: We figure out what problems, needs, and desires your customer’s have
  • Content: We figure out how to solve those problems in simple terms
  • Design: We figure out how to guide people to those solutions through your website

When you apply our P-C-D framework to your business, you don’t have to worry about meta tags or alt text or any of the SEO jargon that other agencies waste their time on. Instead, you have content that sums up people’s problems, provides clear solutions, and a website that makes it easy for people to contact or call you.

The end result of the P-C-D framework is our lead-beat guarantee.

If we can’t increase your leads we’ll cut you a check for $300 (no questions asked) and since you won’t be stuck in a contract of any type, you can walk away at any time (with your $300 check in your pocket).

$300 Lead Increase Guarantee

We only work with contracting businesses

You can’t be good at everything.

If you’re a bricklayer you’re not going to volunteer when someone’s fuse box starts spitting sparks. And if you’re an electrician you’re not going to volunteer when there’s a crumbling brick wall at risk of crashing over.

Most agencies think they can grow service businesses because they understand SEO – but that’s a major red flag.

SEO isn’t about hiring the best coders or web developers. SEO is about solving people’s problems. When you solve people’s problems, your SEO improves (yep, it really is that simple).

By specialising in trade businesses we know EXACTLY what makes your customers tick. We know what problems they face, and how they choose the service businesses and contractors to fix those problems.

Agencies who claim to be jack of all trades are master of NONE.

We couldn’t take an eCommerce business that sells bright socks and grow them with confidence. We couldn’t partner with a local restaurant and get them to the top of Google, and we’re not afraid to admit it.

We know what we CAN do, and it’s growing enquiries and leads for trade businesses. That’s how we’ve generated over $200 million in leads across 200 trade industries – and generated $0 in leads for eCommerce businesses who sell bright socks.

The Tradie Digital difference

No matter what trade you specialise in, your work speaks for itself.

Whether it’s a sparkling new kitchen benchtop, remote-controlled roller shutters, or a hardwood patio extension, you don’t have to constantly “sell” yourself to new customers because they can see the quality of your work.

We grow our business using that same strategy. There’s a good chance you’ve been through 2, 3, or 4 agencies already so you’ve heard the same “look at me” bullshit before. That’s why we let our real clients talk about our real results on video, telling their story and sharing the impact we’ve had on their business.

Having helped trade, home improvement, and contractor businesses grow for 10 years, our longevity comes from producing results day by day, week by week, and year by year. While most SEO agencies focus on all industries, we’re only focused on trades businesses. And if we don’t deliver an increase in leads, we’ll cut you a check for $300 and you can walk away, with no lock-in contracts or hidden fees.

That’s what makes Tradie Digital different. That’s why we’ve delivered over $100 million in leads to contractors. And that’s what’s going to help your business grow when you’re ready to take the next step.

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