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Every salesman seems to talk a big game when they’re trying to get you onboard as a client, but when you ask for specific details on HOW they’ll grow your business they deflect and hit you with more buzzwords like “GROWTH”, “LEADS” & “PROFIT”.

These words sound great, but they’re empty promises without strategy. At Tradie Digital we focus on your Quality Score to bring your costs down. And we’ve spent $2.3 million on our own campaigns to test what works.

How much does a small business website cost? It’s a good question, but it’s also the wrong question. Like most products, there’s a significant range of solutions available, from the very cheap to the hugely expensive. Depending on your situation either one of these might be the right solution, or, (more likely) the right solution will be somewhere in the middle.

Everyone keeps telling you that Google Ads is the secret to more leads and more bookings in the calendar, but they don’t tell you how much you’ll need to pay to bring in new business.

The price of Google Ads is always changing, as you’re bidding against your competition for every keyword you target. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your costs down and pay less – while still getting the new customers you’re after.

Here’s how much your own Google Ads campaign will set you back.

This isn’t the first time you’ve researched how much an SEO campaign would cost you, but every article you’ve read has been a thinly veiled sales page that tries to get you to book a meeting with an “expert” (aka salesman).

There’s no need to speak to us if you’re only researching and comparing options.

We’ve put together the ultimate guide for Australian tradies that covers the cost of SEO in 2021, how to avoid overpaying, and what red flags to look out for when you see a deal that looks too good to be true.

Marketing is full of buzzwords that salesmen like to think are important, but they’re really just hot air. Your conversion rate is NOT one of those buzzwords.

You won’t turn every single website visitor into a lead, but the more people who contact you looking for quotes, the more customers you’ll end up with. Your success in turning those people from website visitors into leads is your conversion rate, and here’s how you improve it to get more work than ever.

When you’re thinking of getting your business online it’s natural to ask “how long does it take to build a website?” but that’s like asking “how long until dinner is ready?”. It depends if you’re getting Uber Eats or slow roasting brisket.

Building your own website can be quick (we’re talking a couple of hours) or take time (we’re talking weeks) depending on the website building platform you use, how many services you offer, and whether you have content ready. Here’s where your time will be spent if you’re building a DIY site.

There’s no standard number of pages your website should have. Instead, think about the number of services you offer and the number of keywords you want to target. 10 – 30 pages of keyword-rich content should be enough for most small to medium-sized trade businesses. Remember, the more pages you have, the more keywords you can target. The simplest approach is to create one page for each major service you offer and problem you solve.

You’re thinking about buying a new site but already you’re being hit with technical questions and getting emails from people asking for logins and access and God knows what. It’s enough to make you think you’d be better off sticking with your old site.

Luckily, most requirements of a new website sound a lot more technical than they are. Switching host providers can make your site faster and safer, and keep money in your pocket if you find a better deal. With Tradie Digital it’s easy to transfer hosting and here’s how we do it.

Whether you’ve built your own website, or you’ve outsourced that job to an agency, it’s helpful to know how to change photos. Whether it’s adding a new project gallery, a new headshot, or a new service you’re offering, changing pics is easy to do.

If you’ve built your own site, you can change pics in your own dashboard (we’ll show you how). And if you’ve got a custom site through us, your Account Manager can help update your photos. We’ll also give you your own private logins so you can switch pics yourself any time.

We create content for all trade industries. That content is designed to boost SEO rankings, increase Google Ad conversions, deliver quality traffic and generate sales. You might still be wondering if it’s worth creating your own content. Or, whether your time is better spent running your business.

You’re either using an SEO agency to help you with your campaign, or you’re thinking about hiring one. And right now you’re feeling a little uncertain because you know you need content to rank on Google and help bring in new customers – but how could an SEO agency be able to write about your specific business?

The secret is…we don’t know about your business, but we do know how your customers think and that’s what’s important. Learn how we can write like pros for over 200 trade industries (including yours).