Top 30 Landscaping Blogs To Help You Generate Leads, Land Customers & Make Money

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Freshen up your take on the industry, get inspired, and inject some innovation into your company by taking a look at what others are doing in the world of landscaping.

As a landscaper, you probably have the groundwork for your business already established.

You did your homework on equipment, marketing, operations, and other essentials to get up and running.

But as with any business or industry, there are always opportunities to learn more and expand on what you offer. Knowledge isn’t just power – it’s also revenue.

The right information can help keep you current on trends and remain competitive in a fast-growing market. From 2020 to 2021 alone, industry employment increased 4.9% which tells us that demand is increasing, but so is your competition.

With limited time to spend studying or researching, landscaping blogs are the ideal way to up your marketing and business game. The best blogs are run by a blend of industry publications, niche experts, and even local landscape companies.

You can learn everything from how to run a business all the way down to different ways to prune shrubbery. While you might feel solid in your approach, seeing a new perspective could give you ways to expand your offerings or appeal to new customers.

The hard part is knowing where to look…well, that was the hard part. We’ve put together a listing of top landscaping blogs to help get you started on your search. These websites cover everything from recommended plantings to landscape as an artform.

Ready to transform your landscaping business? Let’s get into it.

What to look for in the best landscaping blogs

The internet is saturated with would-be experts on just about everything. But you can sort through the noise and find blogs that provide you with a new take on your business operations or marketing.

Here are a few factors to look for.


Who is actually publishing the blog? Is it a major publication with a history of expertise? Or is it the guy down the street who takes photos of his front lawn on his iPhone 5?

Give the company that created the blog a quick online search. You want to make sure you are basing your impressions – and any conclusions – on qualified professionals.


Just because other companies have specialty services, doesn’t mean you should offer the same. If your speciality is in hardscapes, now might not be the time to delve into flower beds just because you see an inspiring blog.

Of course, it’s 100% OK to expand your offerings when you find a fit. Just make sure it’s a fit for how you have positioned your company and what your typical customers are looking for.

How to keep up with blog posts

You’re busy, so here’s a quick tip before we dive into our curated list of landscaping blogs.
We’re optimistic that you’ll come away from this post with at least a handful of blogs you’ll want to follow. But how are you going to keep track of them?

Sure, you can use web browser bookmarks, but then you have to remember to visit the sites on occasion to see if there’s anything new to read. To simplify this process, here are a few helpful tools to keep you on top of the blogs you choose to follow.

RSS Feeds

An RSS feed is designed to keep an eye on a website for you and automatically note when new content has been published. Many blogs include these options right on their page. Just look for the RSS feed symbol.

rss feed symbol

RSS feed managers can be used to keep all of your blog notifications in one place. Free tools like Feedly and Inoreader let you plug in the sites you want to follow and they;ll tell you when there are new posts.

Social Media

Most websites will share new blog posts with their social media followers to spread the word. Check to see whether the sites you’re following have Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts. You can follow them on social media to get the latest news as it happens.

Google Alerts

Google – the master of all things search – has also mastered notifications. Try using their Google Alerts feature. Simply plug in a search term (like a website or blog name) and tell Google how you want to be notified of new content.

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Top landscaping blogs you should be following today

The internet is full of industry experts, business owners, and publications sounding off on the latest and greatest tips and tricks in landscaping.

To cut through the noise, we’ve put together a list of top landscape design and landscape contractor blogs to follow for all things inspiration, architecture, and design in the world of landscaping.

Add these 30 blogs to your ‘must-read’ list and watch your business grow.

True artists in landscape architecture, Ross NW Watergardens is a landscape contracting business based in Portland, OR.

Their blog stands out as an excellent example of how you can use your very own website to show off your expertise to customers and enhance credibility.

What we love

  • Answers key landscaping questions homeowners have and are likely searching for on Google
  • Demonstrates expertise on specific landscaping topics right down to specific materials

Don’t miss this post

Their DIY friendly blog, Best Places to Buy Landscape Lighting, acknowledges that some homeowners might be looking for simpler approaches to upgrading their yards.

Ross NW Watergardens landscaping blog

Looking for high-end, high-impact design inspiration?

Look no further than Unique Landscapes, whose work combines water and pool builds integrated right into surrounding hardscape and greenery. Their blog blends seasonal advice with examples of their marriage of creative materials in every design.

What we love

  • Inspirational content with different textures, materials, and techniques
  • Includes project photos from many angles for a clear view (who doesn’t love pics?!)

Don’t miss this post

Local to Phoenix, their post Do You Need to Overseed? puts a local take on the issue of appropriate lawn care and can inspire you to explore similar topics yourself.

Unique Landscapes landscaping blog

For all things outdoors in the Northeast, Neave Group carries on the conversation.

While their services heavily feature pool maintenance, they also discuss lawn damage and winterization topics on their blog.

What we love

  • Shares new ideas for expanding landscaping lines of service
  • Offers a unique take on winter options for landscapers

Don’t miss this post

Even in winter, a landscaper’s job is never done. Save this post on Indoor vs. Outdoor Christmas Lights and consider adding this service to your list when you’re looking to sell stunning outdoor lighting services.

Neave Group landscaping blog

From business tips to equipment recommendations, Total Landscape Care covers all you need for an overview of the industry.

Explore their product roundups for the latest in equipment innovation or get expert advice for design build obstacles.

What we love

  • Gives practical solutions for common landscaping challenges
  • Includes tips on workforce management and how to address turnover

Don’t miss this post

A great example of just how detailed their content gets can be found in the blog, How to Use Landscape Fabric for the Right Jobs. This article goes into the pros and cons of using landscape fabric as a form of weed control with all types with examples.

Total Landscape Care landscaping blog

#5: Land8

Interested in a broader look at landscaping the world over? Land8 dives into commercial design, sustainable options, and industry trends.

What we love

  • Offers a closer look at how to incorporate sustainability into your work
  • Challenges readers to consider preservation and biodiversity

Don’t miss this post

Their 2021 Residential Landscape Trends post is a great look forward at what customers are increasingly coming to ask for. This can help you plan your marketing or services around the trends that will be driving customer actions in 2021 and beyond.

Land8 landscaping blog

Focused on florals and hands-on work, The Impatient Gardener offers inspiration on a more personal level. Her blog posts are conversational and share insights for working with specific plants, right down to soil and pruning recommendations.

What we love

  • Includes plenty of close up flower photos for inspiration
  • Comments on the growth of herbs and vegetables (a booming trend with millennials)

Don’t miss this post

Her post on Plants Helping Plants is an insightful take on how plants can thrive when paired together properly.

The Impatient Gardener landscaping blog

The team behind Fantastic Gardeners is made up of landscaping, tree, and outdoor service experts. Their blog includes advice on topics from fencing, to hardscapes, to working with exotic plants.

What we love

  • Considers climate and terrain when making recommendations
  • Switches between landscape and hardscape tips for a dual approach

Don’t miss this post

Get inspired to tell your own ‘Before and After’ stories on your own website with this striking photo blog, Landscaping Job From the Bottom to the Top.

Fantastic Gardeners landscaping blog

This all-around landscaping service provider shows off its service knowledge with monthly blog posts on user friendly topics. VOSS Land & Tree takes a local approach to their content, creating connections and hitting on the needs of their community.

What we love

  • Shows how you can adapt your business as the seasons change
  • Covers topics in snow removal that can help you expand your services

Don’t miss this post

Their 5 Tips to Keep Your Yard Healthy This Fall article can motivate you to create a seasonal series for your own website or email campaigns.

VOSS Land & Tree landscaping blog

Commercial properties need landscaping services, too. And Level Green creates blog content that offers advice for planning and maintenance of larger scale operations.

What we love

  • Looks at challenges facing commercial property care and design
  • Offers ways that landscaping can boost property value and attract tenants

Don’t miss this post

Cicadas don’t care if a tree is on commercial or residential property. Read this post for tips on how to cope, Can Cicadas Cause Damage to Plants? This is an example of a niche topic that is laser focused on a customer’s needs, something you should incorporate in your blogging strategy.

Level Green landscaping blog

Landscape and garden designer Deborah Silver has been creating amazing outdoor spaces for over 30 years. Her blog presents a different angle of landscaping with and as an element of decor throughout the year.

What we love

  • Details every project with photos to follow along for your own projects
  • Shows how to incorporate architecture and construction with greenery

Don’t miss this post

Scroll through the photos for this amazing transformation of hillside landscaping complete with a retaining wall, A House on a Hill. These types of ‘transformation’ blogs help show customers what their own experience could be, and help move people towards contacting you.

dirt simple landscaping blog

Not all landscaping happens on actual land. Enter: Greenroofs. They’re innovating the industry with a green take on infrastructure, sustainability, and spaces.

What we love

  • Features how to design for uniquely shaped or placed gardens
  • Inspires landscapers to get creative where and how they design

Don’t miss this post

Discover how NYC repurposed its elevated rail line as an urban reclamation project that created a garden oasis in the story, Featured Project: High Line Phases 1, 2 & 3. It doesn’t matter if you run a business 5,000 miles from New York, this content serves as an example of inspiring your audience. Remember, not every blog needs to be a sales pitch. Content that inspires people will help them see you as a trusted expert, and trust leads to quote requests and new business.”

Enter: Greenroofs landscaping blog

The team at Gardenista is all about aesthetics and the beauty of landscape design. Incorporating plantings, hardscapes, and furnishings, their blog covers ways to personalize the outdoors as a living space.

What we love

  • Topics ranging from general design to favorite tools for landscapers
  • Includes all outdoor spaces including porches, patios and everything in between

Don’t miss this post

Their post on 11 Design Mistakes to Avoid walks readers through reminders about seasonality, materials, and purpose. Informing your own landscaping customers about the impact of seasons on their lawn will help build you into a trusted authority.

Gardenista landscaping blog

Turf Magazine web readers can sort through topic categories from business trends to manufacturer updates. They have their finger on the pulse of the industry with articles about trade associations and even upcoming supply shortages.

What we love

  • Publishes tips for managing employees and business partnerships
  • Reviews products to help landscapers upgrade their equipment

Don’t miss this post

Explore the latest in their All-America Selections for 2021 with recommendations on the newest planting varieties for gardens. When you can recommend plants and designs before the seasons change, you’ll have an advantage over landscapers who react to seasonal varieties.

Turf Magazine landscaping blog

Lawn and Landscape is another publication that has its finger on the pulse of the industry. Their news section is updated regularly with stories on mergers, suppliers, and products.

What we love

  • Announces supplier news to keep owners on top of trending materials
  • Covers topics in landscaping technology and equipment manufacture

Don’t miss this post

Their recent article covering Hilltip’s HTrack shows how high-tech can take landscaping equipment(and your peace of mind) to the next level. Technology is your friend in the landscaping industry – whether it’s automated services or automated marketing campaigns – and this blog shows how effective this attitude is.

Lawn and Landscape landscaping blog

Local landscape design firm Borst shows how local marketing gets done. You can explore their blog for a fresh take on how to create content that engages potential customers at a community level using keywords and location details.

What we love

  • Creates articles with a community focus and relatable tone
  • Makes all content relevant based on the season and readership

Don’t miss this post

Their latest blog, Heads Up, Bergen County! Here’s What to Plant This Summer is an excellent example of how to combine advice, expertise, and local appeal with your own website.

borst landscape blog

Balancing residential and commercial projects, Hidden Creek Landscaping offers high-end design complete with a design center. They broaden their readership with topics helpful for properties of all sizes.

What we love

  • Breaks down common challenges around planting selection
  • Goes granular with advice for specific plant and grass species

Don’t miss this post

The Best Time to Fertilize Landscapes, Lawns, and Gardens is a great example of their approach to breaking down complex topics into bite-sized and easy to digest content.

Hidden Creek Landscaping blog

Writer turned blogger Margaret Roach shares her tips and takes on gardening. Her blog spans ideas on plantings, recipes, and how-to guides to help anyone start their own garden.

What we love

  • Organizes content based on reader interests
  • Offers a podcast for people looking to listen on the go

Don’t miss this post

This Mulch FAQ article is a unique twist on how to present helpful information and learn from an expert. FAQs are valuable not just because they answer a customer’s burning questions, but because they help target a range of landscaping keywords and boost your SEO.

a way to garden landscaping blog

Published by the American Society of Landscape Architects, these articles put the focus on design as art and expression to inspire you. Explore recent articles for ideas to create unique spaces for your clients using a combination of materials.

What we love

  • Shares stories about how to stay ahead of the changes presented with the pandemic
  • Addresses the differences in design approach for residential and commercial clients

Don’t miss this post

Explore thoughts on how the call for more greenery is impacting major cities like Toronto in the article Ready for Foot Traffic.

landscape architecture magazine blog

Another publication spin off, Pro Landscaper includes online exclusive articles with an editorial spin. Written by rotating contributors, content challenges readers to look at the big picture in landscape design and offer sometimes opposing opinions to jumpstart creativity.

What we love

  • Explores ideas in biodiversity and carbon neutrality
  • Discusses how community and global trends affect customer demand

Don’t miss this post

A new take on a current common topic, Has the Pandemic Sparked an Increase in Garden Design, shows how important it is to stay on top of trends and be able to pivot your business to meet customer expectations. If the pandemic has led more people to focus on their yards and be willing to hire landscape designers, you need to tap into that desire.

Pro Landscaper landscaping blog

Many people think of gardening as a spring/summer event. But The Garden Continuum emphasizes how landscape success requires year-round attention.

What we love

  • Considers the interconnectedness of landscape design and living well
  • Confronts climate change and how landscaping provides beneficial green spaces

Don’t miss this post

Review the importance of helping clients make a connection and a plan before you take on a project with the article, Why Systems Thinking Makes a Better Landscape

The Garden Continuum landscaping blog

A great resource for any landscaping business owner, GoMaterials shares tips for subcontracting, software, and services to push your company toward greater success.

What we love

  • Hones in on landscaping operations, profitability, and materials sourcing
  • Lists resources and marketing tactics to grow business in spite of challenges

Don’t miss this post

Want a better way to manage your client projects? Explore their article: Best Landscaping Software for Project Management in 2021. The more effective your project management, the more profitable your landscaping company can become.

GoMaterials landscaping blog

Looking to learn? The Landscape Institute offers online classes and a blog that looks toward the future of landscaping.

What we love

  • Discusses topics in climate change, sustainability, and the role of landscaping
  • Offers practical steps to implementing innovation into landscaping projects

Don’t miss this post

In Innovation in Sustainability and Aesthetics, learn about one company’s take on eco friendly landscape design products. Even if you’re not specializing in eco-friendly design, it’s valuable to see how niche companies can find their market in case you’re considering offering a niche service.

Landscape Institute landscaping blog

All the way from South Africa comes the team at Contours Landscapes. This local provider blogs about everything from plant choices to shade trees.

What we love

  • Highlights specific plants and the best ways to incorporate them with architecture
  • Covers emerging trends in gardening like low-maintenance plantings and color selection

Don’t miss this post

Their Popular Garden Q&A post is great for creative approaches for common challenges in landscape design. The more engaging your content, the more trust you’ll build with your customers, which is on show here.

cape contours landscaping blog

Designed for members of the landscaping industry, The Landscaper goes in depth with articles on technology, equipment, and tactics for effective landscaping businesses.

What we love

  • Highlights new features in tools, machinery, and materials
  • Brings an international flavor with news from the UK for new perspectives

Don’t miss this post

In the market for a new tractor? You’ll want to read their Compact Tractors 2021 Buyers Guide.

The Landscaper blog

Materials matter. And JK Enterprise Landscape Supply shows off their knowledge when it comes to mulch, soils, and all things landscaping.

What we love

  • Focuses on detailed aspects of landscape material and decision making
  • Backs up every tip with examples and applications for real-world scenarios

Don’t miss this post

How Many Uses of Wood Chips can you name? This recent article explores the topic in great detail and shows the level of attention required to explore landscaping topics. It’s not enough to skim the surface, if you want to boost your SEO and showcase your thought leadership, you need to go deep.

JK Enterprise Landscape Supply landscaping blog

Looking for a blog that gets down to business basics? Follow Landscape Management and learn how to expand your company with minimal staff disruption and maximum revenue gains.

What we love

  • Updates owners on the changes and new products in the industry
  • Provides tips for growth and how company culture plays a role

Don’t miss this post

Looking to brush up your leadership skills? Learn what to look for with the article, Do Your Team Leaders Know Your Expectations.

Landscape Management landscaping blog

Connecticut landscape designers share their tips for local gardening design. The Designing Eden blog focuses on the process behind individual landscaping projects and showcases their local knowledge.

What we love

  • Includes detailed photos for you to compare their approach with yours
  • Shares trends in plantings and designs for local audiences

Don’t miss this post

For anyone who thinks they can’t make a project look interesting, check out this photo walkthrough of a Drainage Installation Project.

Designing Eden landscaping blog

With more and more people turning homes into havens, Masterplan Outdoor Living highlights hardscapes. Their blog shows off their expertise in decking, patios, and walkways.

What we love

  • Shares design tips for layouts that are functional and fun
  • Incorporates videos you can watch from anywhere

Don’t miss this post

The article, How to Build the Perfect Patio, mixes expert approaches with discussions about materials and layout. A perfect example of a ‘How To…’ article, which answers a range of questions landscape customers have.

Masterplan Outdoor Living landscaping blog

For landscapers in seasonal areas, the shift to winter means putting away the mower and getting out the snow plow. Snow Management Services shares short insights into commercial contracts that can help companies add to their services.

What we love

  • Discusses topics from liabilities to contracts
  • Makes recommendations for safety and products

Don’t miss this post

Sand Is Not Salt takes a non-nonsense approach to explain why one is a terrible choice for de-icing. This blog shows the power of giving away information instead of framing each article as a subtle sales pitch. When you provide value, you’re rewarded with more quote requests and landscape evaluations.

Snow Management Services landscaping blog

OK, you got us, but we had to mention the very blog you’re reading right now!

Tradie Digital is focused on all things trades. We blog about practical marketing advice for SEO, social media, website design, paid ads, and branding. We recognize that you’re a landscaping pro, so we don’t teach you how to spot weeds or pick the right flowers. Instead, we teach landscapers to generate traffic, leads and sales.

Key Features

  • Specializes in ‘best practice’ guides for digital marketing (think Google Ads, SEO, and website building)
  • Customizes content by trade including landscaping, contractors, and more

Don’t miss this post

Check out our guide to 15 Best Landscaping Apps to Save You Time.

tradie digital landscaping blog

How to put landscaping blog tips to practical use

Congrats, you now have a lot of reading you have ahead of you! Even if you saved or picked just a handful of blogs, you’ll have a lot of content to sort through. But sacrificing a little time is worth it when you can start driving more customers and revenue on the other side.

So, what should you DO with all of this information?

Nothing at first.

Find a notebook or a note taking app and start bookmarking and jotting down ideas or lessons that inspire you.

You can use these different blogs to get inspired to offer new services, explore new products, or try a new design approach. You can even learn a thing or two about how to improve how you run your business along the way.

As you go, keep track of what seems to be working great and what might not be performing as well. Adjust with each small win and keep an eye on the sites that you feel connect with your goals the most. These landscaping blogs will be an ongoing source of news and creativity as you keep your business fresh for your customers.

Want more FREE advice to take your landscaping business to the next level? Sign up for the Tradie Digital newsletter – business growth tips and money-making strategies (we don’t believe in spam).


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