Digital Marketing Google Ads Can Tradie Digital Guarantee Better Google Ad Results so I can Make More Money?

Can Tradie Digital Guarantee Better Google Ad Results so I can Make More Money?

Can Tradie Digital Guarantee Better Google Ad Results so I can Make More Money

You know you need to spend money on marketing your business, but there’s nothing worse than opening your wallet and having Digital Marketing companies and online “gurus” rip you off. It would be great if there was a guarantee to protect your business, and with Tradie Digital, there is. We guarantee you’ll get more leads if you switch your marketing spend to us, and here’s how we back it up.

The only guarantees in life are death and taxes.

Oh, and there’s one other guarantee – our lead-beat guarantee that comes with every Google Ads campaign.

If you’ve read any of our SEO content then alarm bells are going off in your head right now. We’re on record saying NO ONE can guarantee rankings, no matter how great their SEO strategies are – and we stand by that.

But Google Ads are a different ballgame.

Improving the quality of your Google Ads is a full-time job, and the difference between an ad that’s “just okay” and an ad that’s been optimised to increase conversion rates is night and day.

That’s why any contractor who switches their current digital marketing spend to us will increase their leads. We guarantee it.

In this article, we’ll explain how we back up our bold guarantee, why most home improvement business owners are paying too much for Google Ads, and show you how to take advantage of our guarantee if you’re looking for more work.

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How we guarantee leads without knowing anything about your business

We’ve generated over $200 million worth of leads for trade, home improvement and contractor businesses around the world in the last decade – but that’s not why we’re so confident.

The reason we can confidently say we’ll bring in more leads than your current digital marketing provider is because we don’t need to know anything about your business – as long as we understand your customers.

And the truth is, all customers are relatively the same.

It doesn’t matter if someone wants to install a new shower head, or demo the whole bathroom and start over, every customer goes through the same journey from

  • Stage One >> realising they have a problem
  • Stage Two >> researching alternatives (the consideration phase).
  • Stage Three >> getting a quote (or three).
  • Stage Four >> picking a provider and paying for a solution

This is known as the buyer’s journey and every customer goes through it, no exceptions.

Even you go through your own buyer’s journey – in fact you’re at stage #2 of the journey right now.

What is the buyer’s journey?

When we talk about the buyer’s journey, we’re talking about 3 separate stages:

  • Awareness: You realize there’s a problem
  • Consideration: You’re weighing up your options
  • Decision: You’ve made your final choice

Right now you’re in the consideration stage. You’re aware that you’ve got a problem with your leads, you’re investigating the best providers and potentially the guarantees they provide. There aren’t as many quote requests coming in and your inbox as you’d like and/or is mostly spam from overseas SEO companies and newsletters you keep forgetting to unsubscribe from. You’re not sure which provider you can trust.

Before you ever started working with us at Tradie Digital we guided you through the consideration stage (we might do this by giving you free helpful content, showing you testimonials, or booking you in on one of our free consultations).

And if we’ve done our job and showed you we’re the best fit for your business, you’d end up getting a quote, and becoming our customer. That’s when we’d bring you onboard and launch a Google Ads campaign guaranteed to bring in more leads than you’re currently getting.

All of your future customers need to be walked through this same journey, step by step. As long as we understand their problems, and offer solutions at each step, you’ll end up with more leads.

If you’d like to learn more about how to maximise your investment in your Google Ads campaigns. See if you qualify to work with Tradie Digital.

$300 Lead Increase Guarantee

How to move your customers through the buyer’s journey

Moving your customers through their buyer’s journey towards a sale with you is as easy – and the reason we offer a guarantee with such confidence.

How easy is this process for us? Well, with our P-C-D Framework we like to say it’s “as easy as P-C-D”. That stands for:

  • Psychology
  • Content
  • Design

In order to build a successful marketing campaign you don’t just need great products and services – they help, but there’s a marketing secret that’s remained true since the beginning of time (or at least the beginning of marketing).

It starts with understanding psychology. What motivates your buyers? What are their major pain points? What do they want from your business?

Once you understand your customer’s psychology then you’ll need to convert those psychological motivations and communicate to them in their language.

Finally, you’ll need to include those motivations, aspirations and desires into the very fabric of your website design and marketing efforts.

And that’s how we consistently outperform your competition. With a P-C-D Framework that moves people through the buyer’s journey and towards a sale.

As with anything in life it’s about the fundamentals first. That’s why the psychology of your customers is at the heart of everything we do.

We use your Quality Score to make your ads cheaper

So far you’ve learned how we make your ads more successful by targeting your customers at every stage of their buyer’s journey to increase your leads.

But we also bring your overall ad costs down and increase your ad rank by boosting your Quality Score.

To keep things short and sweet, Google uses your Quality Score to help determine how much you pay for each ad click and where your ad is shown. If your Quality Score sucks, you’ll be paying overs on every click. And if your Quality Score improves, each ad is cheaper for you.

With cheaper ads bringing in more leads, you end up paying less and earning more. That’s how you widen your profit margins and start generating more revenue from the same amount of work, instead of taking shifts on the weekend or working over the holidays to try and squeeze more clients in.

How we use the buyer’s journey and your Quality Score to guarantee leads

Our unique way of structuring every Google Ads campaign combines the buyer’s journey with a focus on your Quality Score, plus our own conversion rate strategies developed after spending $2.3 million of our own money on Google ads.

The result?

  • Your ads are being shown to more people = because your Quality Score goes up
  • Your ads are resonating with more people = because they’re designed for every stage of the buyer’s journey
  • Your ads are generating more leads = because we apply our conversion rate expertise (and focus on your customers psychology first).

When you put those three outcomes together you get exponentially better returns than anything your current digital marketing spend is getting.

That’s how we guarantee more leads, and if we fall short on our promise, we’ll cut you a check for $300 cold hard cash.

Interested in putting our lead-beat guarantee to the test?

Find out if you’re eligible to work with us

Get More Google Badge And Facebook Reviews. Then Watch Sales Grow!
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