Digital Marketing Google Ads What Will Tradie Digital Do Differently With my Contractor Google Ads Campaign?

What Will Tradie Digital Do Differently With my Contractor Google Ads Campaign?

What Will Tradie Digital Do Differently With my Contractor Google Ads Campaign

Every salesman seems to talk a big game when they’re trying to get you onboard as a client, but when you ask for specific details on HOW they’ll grow your contractor, trade or home improvement business they deflect and hit you with more buzzwords like “GROWTH”, “LEADS” & “PROFIT”. These words sound great, but they’re empty promises without strategy.

At Tradie Digital we focus on your Quality Score to bring your costs down. And we’ve spent $2.3 million on our own campaigns to test what works. Here’s what we learned.

Google Ads is a proven way to generate leads for your trade, contractor or home improvement business.

With 46% of all clicks going to the top 3 ads on the page, your customers use Google Ads to find home improvement businesses.

But the goal of a Google Ad campaign isn’t JUST to drive leads. If those leads aren’t bringing you more work and helping you make more money than you’ve spent on your campaign, well you’re on the losing side of that equation.

Think about a hypothetical scenario where you get 5 new customers each month from your Google Ads campaign…

5 new customers a month from Google is great…in theory.

But if you make a total of $5,000 from your new customers, and your Google Ads campaign costs you $10,000, you might as well have invested in magic beans (although at least when you lose money that way, you still end up with beans).

This is important because too many Google Ad agencies focus on leads – and nothing else.

They end up convincing you to use YOUR money to bid on keywords that never stand a chance of generating enough revenue to earn a profit.

You’re here because you want to know if the agency you’re partnering with has a plan to help you make more money, so we’ll show you why we’re different.

In this article we’ll explain why our approach to contractor Google Ads is unique, and explain why you DON’T need to pay the most money if you want to get better Google Ad results.

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#1 Contractor Google Ads hack: we focus on customer psychology

At Tradie Digital our campaigns start BEFORE the campaign.

This all comes down to your messaging. If your ads aren’t built around your customer’s core problems, they’ll never deliver results (apart from wasted clicks and an empty inbox).

But how do you get your messaging right? By focusing on customer psychology.

That’s why we always begin every Google Ads campaign with our PCD Framework: Psychology, Content, and Design.

We’ll research your target market, speak to your ideal customers, analyze every interaction they have with your business; all to figure out what motivates them as customers. Once we have that information, we’ll have the foundation for a successful contractor PPC campaign.

#2 Contractor Google Ads hack: we build your landing pages

Sending paid traffic to your homepage is a shortcut to disaster.

We’re not saying your website homepage isn’t great – but it is a huge distraction. Your ads will have ONE specific goal, and that’s to generate leads. Your homepage detracts from this goal by offering articles to read, project galleries to flick through, service pages to check out.

These are all useful…but not when we’ve driven traffic from a specific paid ad. So if someone has clicked on an ad for ‘emergency plumbing repairs’, we want to show them a landing page that’s ONLY about emergency plumbing repairs.

#3 Contractor Google Ads hack: Tradie Digital ‘Success Formula’

Increased Clicks + Increased Conversions = Increased Profit

Once we’ve nailed your customer’s psychology and built landing pages to promote a powerful message, an increase in clicks comes naturally.

How can they avoid clicking an ad that describes their EXACT problem?

With customers coming through to your custom-designed landing pages, quote requests and calls are inevitable. BUT (and this is a big ‘but’), we’re focused on generating profit, not just filling your inbox with leads.

“How does Tradie Digital increase my profits?”

By increasing your Quality Score.

The better your Quality Score, the higher your ads rank and the lower you pay per click. This brings you more leads, at a lower price.

To increase your Quality Score we make sure the keywords your customers type in are:

  • Relevant to your ads
  • Relevant to your landing pages

Once we do that, we’ll be giving people what they want. And that’s how we increase your Quality Score.

Relevant & Quality landing pages + Relevant & Quality Ads = Higher Quality Score

Keen to slash your Google Ad costs and grow your profit margin? Get this simple guide to your Quality Score.

Great contractor PPC campaigns come down to relevance

We already mentioned that your Quality Score is a measure of how relevant your ads and landing pages are.

So, how do we make you more relevant than your competitors?

First, we create more pages than them. Then, we create more ads in your campaign. Unlike other agencies that enter your keywords into some software and expect results to pop out the other end, we test and repeat over and over to find the keywords that drive ‘ready to buy’ leads.

The only way to figure out what works for YOU is to optimize your PPC campaign and make changes week after week until we find the most profitable campaign settings.

So, how many more ads do we create? On average our campaigns have over 6 times MORE ads than our competitors.

With more assets working for you, you end up with:

  • Highly relevant ads
  • A higher Quality Score
  • Lower cost-per-click (CPC)
  • More leads

And this all adds up to one result…more return on your investment.

$300 Lead Increase Guarantee

Your Quality Score is the #1 thing we care about at Tradie Digital

Our focus is on your Quality Score.

We go to bed thinking about it. We wake up ready to work on it.

Remember, the higher your Quality Score, the less you pay for leads. Why complicate contractor marketing any more than that?

We could go into your CTR, your CPC, your CPM, and every other acronym that leaves you saying “WTF?”.

But we don’t – because you don’t care about sounding smart. You care about covering the costs of your Google Ads campaign to make sure you don’t lose money, and you care about stretching your profit margin as far as possible.

At Tradie Digital we use your Quality Score to bring your ad costs down so you pay less for leads. And when you’re paying less for each lead, your profit goes up.

“How do I know leads will click on my ads?”

You’ll never know with 100% certainty whether someone will click on your ads.

But you can predict how people will behave based on their past behaviour.

At Tradie Digital we’ve spent $2.3 million dollars on our own contractor Google Ad campaigns to find out what works – and what bombs.

Our lead-beat guarantee – meaning you’ll get more leads when you work with us or we’ll give you $300 – exists because we’ve tested what works and discovered how to increase conversion rates across the 200 trade industries we work with.

Every campaign we run is built around the highest converting keywords so you’re generating more leads, and getting more bang for your buck. When you combine our obsession with your Quality Score and our $2.3 million dollar’s worth of experience testing Google Ad conversion rates, you get exponentially better returns.

That’s what we do differently.

Interested in paying less for each ad and growing your profit margins?

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