Websites Custom Websites  How Much Do You Charge for Minor Changes to My Website?

Website Updates Cost: How Much Do You Charge for Minor Changes to My Website?

Website Updates Cost: How Much Do You Charge for Minor Changes to My Website?

We get it – you’ve built a website or you’re considering building a website, and you’re worried about getting stitched up for minor changes. Maybe a website provider even burned you in the past. You want to add an extra page or update your info and it ends up costing almost as much as the web site itself.

We understand changes are needed from time to time as your trade business grows. For existing clients, minor changes are free, and major changes are between $60 – $120 per hour – whereas most agencies charge $150/hour and up (we’re not shy about telling you we’re cheaper).

As a contractor, you’re always looking to improve your craft.

Think back to your first year in business and there’s a good chance you cringe at some of the choices you made back then. Well, your website works the same way. As your business grows, you’ll want to update and edit your site to reflect that growth.

A custom-made WordPress website with Tradie Digital comes with all the features you need to rank on Google, appear on your customer’s smartphones, and turn leads into customers. But that doesn’t mean you’ll always be happy with how your site looks and functions.

WordPress is constantly updating too, so just maintaining your website requires resources.

It’s normal to want to make changes from time to time – whether it’s new images, a change in phone number, a new contact form, or adding an extra page or paragraph to help visitors learn about your business.

In this quick guide, we’ll explain what you should be changing on your website, how much it’ll cost you, and what to do next if you’re not happy with your own custom WordPress site.

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Looking to make changes to your contractor website?

Minor Changes
Major Changes
$60 – $120/hour
Custom Changes
$120/hour (30% discount)
Updating phone numbers Add a new service page Any change for our long-term Tradie Digital clients comes with a 30% discount
Adding one or two photos Create a special offer page  
Tweaking a few sentences Add a shopping cart function  

“Why would I want to make changes to my site?”

Just because you could make changes to your website doesn’t mean you should.

If you’ve got a custom website that’s been built to improve your SEO rankings, it’s tempting to make changes every time you hear your competition is doing something different. But tweaking your site architecture can have unexpected consequences on your rankings.

The worst possible outcome is to make a change and see your rankings plummet. On the flipside, some changes can increase your SEO, such as tweaking your:

  • Home page layout
  • Adding pages for new services
  • Changing phone numbers
  • Updated branding
  • Contact forms
  • New content (videos, galleries, sliders, blog posts)

Most of the time these changes will require you to log in to your website’s back-end and apply a little technical know-how. Keep in mind, a website’s back-end can be a delicate ecosystem. If you make a change to a load-bearing feature, the entire website can come crashing down.

If in doubt, make changes when your customers have new needs, but not when you get sick of a certain colour. For example, if you’re a pest control expert and there’s a surge in cockroaches thanks to a patch of hot and wet weather, you might want to add a new service page or add a special discount for all roach control.

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$300 Lead Increase Guarantee

Are website update costs expensive?

Running a business is expensive enough as it is.

Between your materials, your tools and your team, you’ve got enough in your monthly budget to worry about without us adding invoices to your inbox.

If you need to make a minor change to your site, it won’t cost you a single dollar. Your account manager will implement your changes for free. So that’s one less cost to stress over.

We don’t charge you for minor changes because we understand you don’t have the 2 to 4 hours you’ll need to learn how to change the phone number on your website and make sure it’s clickable for customers using their phones.

We can change that for you in 10 minutes, so it’s only fair we scrap the fees on small changes like that. Other minor changes might include:

  • Changing a sentence to reflect a change in your business
  • Adding a team member’s name to the ‘About Us’ page
  • Adding one or two photos
  • Updating your contact info if your business has moved

“Why do I have to pay for major website changes if I already pay a monthly fee?”

Our custom WordPress sites are designed with SEO in mind, and that means you’ll need to make changes from time to time to keep up with trends or new features of Google’s algorithm. These changes aren’t to do with your content or pictures, but the technical side of your site.

Behind the scenes, it takes a lot of work to keep your website up to date and working properly on a month to month basis, that’s where your monthly fees with Tradie Digital are going.

For a start, we have to pay your website host as well as cover the cost of your SSL Certificate to keep your site secure. On top of that there’s monthly and weekly tasks our team does to keep your website fully up to date and performing optimally.

Imagine not servicing your car for 5 years. Well in software terms, that servicing is done monthly and includes:

  • Form Testing
  • Speed and Performance Optimisation
  • Security Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Responsiveness Testing

On the flipside, your money isn’t going down the drain. It’s keeping your website well-oiled and running smoothly which makes it attractive to Google and to site visitors – and both of those things help bring new leads and new customers through the door.

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What to do next if you want to make website updates

When it comes to making site changes, the tools you use are less important than the skills you have.

The newest, top-of-the-line tools won’t help an amateur who can’t tell a screwdriver from a hammer. So if you’re looking to make changes to your site, it’s always best to leave it to the experts.

At Tradie Digital we’ll make minor changes to your custom website for free. So if you’re looking to swap out one or two pics, tweak a sentence here or there, or replace your logo, get in touch with your account manager and they’ll make the changes for you at zero cost.

For major changes, we offer 30% discounts for premium clients. We’re here to help you out, not hammer your wallet, so whether we’re coming in under the industry average rate or making a cheeky change for $0, we’ve got a plan to update your site.

Looking to make a change to your website?

Get in touch and we’ll organise help ASAP

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