Tradie Websites To Grow Your Business

Have you ever built a website, only to find out 6 months later that it wasn’t working as promised? Or just not generating enough enquires?
We build tradie websites which generate real enquires. To the tune of $200 million dollars worth of enquires to contracting businesses just like yours.

Common Tradie Website Questions

Costs and Prices

Your cousin Bob says building a website is easy and he’ll do it for a little cash in hand. But getting ‘Mates Rates’ from Bob doesn’t guarantee results. We’ve compared the DIY option with the agency option right here.

Common Website Challenges For Tradespeople

Well, there’s no standard number of pages your website should have. Instead, think about the number of services you offer and the number of keywords you want to target. 10 – 30 pages of keyword-rich content should be enough for most small to medium-sized trade businesses.

Reviews and Comparison

“Gurus” will tell you Google has over 200 ranking factors, but you can disregard the bulk of those. Great SEO is about putting your customers first and making sure your site is easy to use.

How To Build The Best Website Your Tradres Company

Like most products, there’s a significant range of solutions available, from the very cheap to the hugely expensive. Depending on your situation either one of these might be the right solution, or, (more likely) the right solution will be somewhere in the middle.

Common Website Challenges For Tradespeople

Right now you want more leads, so you’re thinking of ways to reach more people. Flyers, business cards, Yellow Pages – these would all help you get in front of more people, but you’ll also be paying for the exposure. Imagine doubling your leads WITHOUT spending a dollar more on marketing. The key is to improve your website’s conversion rate, and it’s easier than you think.

Costs and Prices

Should you build your own website? You’d think building a website in 2021 was easy, but if you’ve spent any time in a free website builder, you’ll understand it’s a time-consuming and steep learning curve. To help save you the 2-3 weeks you’ll spend before you have any idea how to get your website live, we’ve broken down the pros and cons of building your own site!

Tradie Websites – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Believe it or not, building your new website is one of the most important decisions you are going to make for your trade business.

Your website is something nearly ALL of your customers see, at some point in time.

Potential customers want to know….

  • How you present yourself
  • Whether they believe your services are worth the investment
  • How much they want to spend with you
  • Or even whether they will consider doing business with you at all.

It is the proud representation of your hard work, and your shop front for all potential customers to see.

It will likely be responsible for 99% of your revenue in the next 5 years. It will help your customers form their opinion of your business and will tell them everything you need to know about how you conduct yourself.

Now – considering it’s importance. Do you think it’s smart to spend $2000 on your website?

Here’s our pro tip: Be very careful about how you choose your Tradie Website!


Your Tradie Website Questions Answered

SEO and Your Website

Building your website for SEO and Google Ads is super important and must be thought about BEFORE you build your website. You will only end up needed to make changes to the website later. If this part is not handled successfully.

It’s important to understand questions such as:

Want to know more?

We’ve built 100’s of Tradie websites around the country. Read some of our case studies here!

Building a successful website comes down to education and strategy.

A good start is to download our Free report

“Don’t Invest A Dollar In Digital Marketing Until You Read This!

This will help you avoid the most common mistakes most Tradies make with their Website and Digital marketing.

If you’re ready to get going and would like to apply to work with us right away. Go here to apply. We look forward to helping your business grow!

Tradie Website Showcase

Successful trade business websites don’t just look great, but bring in leads and customers 24/7.

Explore our website showcase and pick the best design for your business. If you get stuck, let us know!

Love at first site
The Solution Ecolawns Australia Image
D & V Turf Supplies

D&V Turf Supplies was having challenges with their website’s user experience, which had affected their website visitors and conversion.

D and V Before

People were finding their way onto D&V Turf Supplies’s website, but they weren’t translating into leads. Day after day this represented missed opportunities and leads that were going to their competition instead.

D and V After

We built them a Pedestal website optimised to convert, and packed full of SEO friendly features – and the best part? The website was completely finished in under 6 hours! Long story short, D&V Turf Supplies love their results and now use their Pedestal website to generate leads and continue growing their business.

CTA that's optimised for conversion
D and V After
Brizscapes Pty Ltd

Brizscapes’ wanted to attract luxury landscaping projects, but their current website wasn’t helping them get the clients they wanted.

See the difference, look at the after image!
Brizscape Before

We built Brizscapes a custom design website with a touch of luxury that resonated with the type of customers they wanted to target and the projects they wanted to work on. In a matter of weeks, they started generating leads looking for major projects that perfectly fit their standards.

Brizscape After Mobile

The team at Brizscapes were so happy they even created a video testimonial for us!

Web design that’s optimised for all types of mobile devices. Clean, simple and super easy to use. Whether you want to request a quote or call for expert advice from your mobile device, our website design will give you the best user experience – every time!

CTA that encourages users to call you
Build's integrity and trustworthiness
Brizscape After
Website That Get Work
Rejuvenation Image min
Build Your Brand
Hawk CFC Image min
The Ultimate Website Guide For Tradies

ATTENTION TRADIES: Don’t Invest a Dollar In A Website Until You Read This!

We’ve generated over $200 million in leads for Australian tradies using the simple 3-step framework inside this FREE report. Download your copy before your competition gets their hands on it.


Case Studies

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