14 Best Roofing Apps To Save You 14+ Hours Every Week

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Running a roofing company means juggling plenty of moving parts. Whether you’re managing your team, tracking job progress, or helping land a new customer, you’re constantly stretched to fit everything in – and that’s not even counting the time you need for yourself and your family.

Imagine a world where you find 14+ hours open in your schedule, every week. OK, now stop imagining it. With the right roofing apps, you’ll be able to manage your entire roofing business without doing everything yourself and unlock hours of extra time.

Read on for the definitive guide to roofing apps, how they can improve your business from top to bottom – and most importantly, how they can save you hours of time every single week.

Successful roofers aren’t just great on the tools, they’re time-management experts.

Running a roofing business, whether you’re a one-man-band or manage an entire team, means you wear enough hats to send the average man to the chiropractor.

Invoicing, data entry, estimates, scheduling, bookkeeping, sales, client management…if there’s a task to be done, there’s a good chance you’re the one either taking care of it or outsourcing it. And while that means you know the business inside and out, it cripples your productivity.

That’s why more and more roofing companies and contractors are automating their daily tasks to free up time for the ‘big picture’ stuff that keeps money coming in the door. Whether it’s on an iPhone, iPad, or laptop, roofing apps can be used in a range of ways:

  • Improve sales process
  • Accurate estimates
  • Ordering and supply management
  • Timesheet tracking
  • GPS tracking
  • Sales tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Measurements

Roofers that use technology to streamline these types of processes can improve their businesses from top to bottom. More importantly, they unlock the extra time that can be spent elsewhere.

Whether you want to invest that time to generate more sales, improve your customer service, or spend more time with the family, we’ve rounded up 14 of the best roofing apps to put valuable time back in your pocket.

We’re not saying these roofing apps are guaranteed to save you 14 hours – in some cases, it can be much more – but by centralizing your processes and automating tasks, you’ll start to find extra time every week.

Ready to make your roofing business more efficient? Here’s everything you need to know.

a roofer using an app

What are roofing apps?

You use a banking app to handle your finances online because it’s easier than heading to the bank and lining up to speak to a bank teller.

Roofing apps work the same way – though they’re often in the form of software that can be used on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Designed to help you run a more efficient business, roofing apps can be used to save time that you’d otherwise be spending working in your business – when you could be working on your business.

For example, you could climb onto a prospect’s roof and measure the pitch. It’s an old-school tactic that’s worked for the last 50 years…but it also takes time. What else could you be doing with that 45 minutes that would bring more value to your business?

A roofing app helps you answer that question by using technology to speed up, or even eliminate, your input. In the above example, you could use a pitch gauge app to figure out the pitch of a prospect’s roof without pulling out your measuring tape.

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What are the benefits of using roofing apps?


In short, roofing apps give you more of it.

As a business owner, we don’t need to tell you how precious a little extra time is. When you’re working 50+ hours a week and still trying to fit in family time (plus time for yourself) even a spare hour can feel like a gift.

With roofing apps, you can slash hours off your weekly to-do list. More importantly, you don’t have to lessen the quality of your service or deliver a sub-par customer experience to do it.

With more time, your business becomes more efficient. You can spend more time generating accurate roofing estimates, or more time face-to-face with big-ticket prospects. Imagine having a spare afternoon to head to a potential client worth $20,000 instead of sending them a rushed email estimate.

When you’ve got technology working to free up your time, there are plenty of benefits to enjoy.

Accurate Estimates Streamlined Scheduling Process
Roofing apps allow you to measure roofs and properties from the ground, with satellite-level accuracy. Not only is this safer and faster – but it results in more accurate estimates that save your company time and money. Timesheets. Schedules. Directions. Using roofing apps your team can be scheduled on the go, without having to come back to HQ. This reduces wasted time and creates a company that’s slick and streamlined without pit stops or endless phone calls.
Improved Customer Rapport Ability To Work From Anywhere
Your customers have questions about their roofs and with all content, sales support, and info accessible anywhere, you can give them answers. This builds valuable trust, and that leads to more sales. When your team can work from anywhere they don’t have to wait for direct approval to complete tasks or follow-up leads. With your entire team connected by technology, productivity skyrockets.
Maximize Site Visits Reduce Missed Sales
The less time you spend at each job site, the fewer job sites you can visit per day. Speeding up your process, whether it’s pitching or providing estimates, means filling your calendar with more site visits, and that’s great for your bottom line. Your sales team needs all the latest info, client notes, and pitch resources. Under an old-school approach, this valuable data can be lost between the office and the prospect. With roofing apps, you have field sales support that helps increase conversions.

“What features should I look for in a roofing app?”

It’s important you find the right roofing app to suit your business, instead of filling your phone or tablet with so many apps and roofing software that you forget where you put them. Here are the features most commonly found in roofing apps.

Invoicing & Billing Digital Checklists Reporting
CRM Client Management Quotes & Estimates
Automated Communication Supplier Orders Budget Tracking
Employee Scheduling Work Order Management Job Site Records

Less is more, so start by figuring out what features you’re looking for in a roofing app. To make things easy for you, we’ve rounded up the most popular and time-saving apps currently available online and in-app stores.

Keep reading for our pick of the 14 most exciting and valuable roofing apps in 2021.

PLEASE NOTE All prices in USD.

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14 best roofing apps for contractors, home improvement businesses, and roofers

#1 – Tradie Flow

Running a roofing business means having team members out in the field, but reporting to a central hub. Whether that hub is an office location or your laptop, getting info from the field to you can be problematic.

Between the time it takes to communicate with your team and the high-chance of problems due to miscommunication, service providers face a constant challenge in staying efficient.

Enter Tradie Flow.

Tradie Flow is the all-in-one roofing CRM to save you hours of time. Need to send off a proposal? Use the built-in proposal sheets designed to be high-converting. Need to follow up on a client’s payments but running short on time? Automate your follow-ups to ensure invoices are paid without being distracted from your tasks.

Tradie Flow is your pocket personal assistant: helping manage and score leads, schedule roofing estimates and jobs, communicating crucial project info between your roofers, and sending invoices so you don’t have to.

If you want to open up hours of extra time each week, it starts with Tradie Flow.


  • CRM
  • Quotes and Estimates
  • Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Invoicing
  • Online Booking
  • Client Hub

Price: : $99 per month
Discover Tradie Flow here

tradie flow roofing app

#2 – Pitch Gauge

Roofing is a hands-on business, but the right roofing app can deliver accurate estimates without the need to leave the ground. Pitch Gauge is a simple and highly effective tool that lets you measure roofing surfaces from the ground, store your projects, share info with your team, even use your phone’s camera to measure the exact pitch of a roof.

Facing an A-Frame? A Hip Roof? A Dormer? Pitch Gauge provides accurate measurements so you can get onto quoting and ordering materials faster. And with unlimited users on one account, everyone in your team can become more efficient in the field.


  • Roof Measurement
  • Job Site Records
  • Material Ordering
  • Roof Reports

Price: Free [offers in-app purchases] Discover Pitch Gauge here

pitch gauge roofing app

#3 – iRoofing

Doing fewer manual tasks doesn’t mean sacrificing accuracy or value. With iRoofing you can provide accurate roof measurements without leaving the ground.

This is possible thanks to data from satellites and Clearoof aerial imagery – aerial images from specially equipped aircraft that have surveyed the roofs of over 70% of the United States.

As an all-in-one remote roofing estimate app, you’ll also be able to:

  • Instantly estimate
  • Show before and after pictures
  • Create roofing simulations
  • Select and order materials
  • Manage customers

Best of all, less time on the roof means more time in a lead’s home, helping them overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of a sale. As iRoofing puts you on the roof less, and in a lead’s home more, it’s an example of how the benefit of roofing apps goes beyond saving time.

When you can spend more time understanding your leads and helping them overcome their obstacles, you’ll also see an increase in sales.


  • CRM
  • Quotes and Estimates
  • Roof Simulations
  • Aerial Measurement Ordering

Price: $129/month

Discover iRoofing here

iroofing app

#4 – Company Cam

Company Cam’s tagline is to “save roofing contractors an hour every day”.

And if an extra 60 minutes in your schedule is appealing then Company Cam’s app is the photo-taking solution you’ve been after.

The app allows you to take photos on site, with site photos automatically grouped and stored by job address, date and time. Instead of scrolling through your camera roll to find a work shot, Company Cam stores everything in one place.

With the ability to mark up, annotate, and comment on your pictures you’ve got the ability to communicate between you and your team. For project managers this means tracking an entire team’s output in real-time. For salesmen this means accessing current photos quickly and easily to use while pitching. And for roofers this means less time handling admin and more time working.


  • Job Site Records
  • Communication
  • Photo & Document Storage

Price: Free $0/month | Pro $19/month | Enterprise

Discover CompanyCam here

company cam roofing app

#5 – Connecteam

If you manage a team then you already know how time consuming it is to schedule each member’s work, handle timesheets, track expenses and so on.

Connecteam is a workforce management system that centralizes those time-consuming tasks that keep you behind the desk for more hours than you’d like. As a leading roofing app, Connecteam can help you to:

  • Connecteam is a workforce management system that centralizes those time-consuming tasks that keep you behind the desk for more hours than you’d like. As a leading roofing app, Connecteam can help you to:
  • Add real-time info like customer requests or questions, attachments and to-do lists
  • Track employee time individually with a clock in and clock out system
  • Track digital reports and checklists straight from the field to your office

If you’ve been relying on pen and paper or non-specific apps to manage your team (like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger) then you’re allowing significant time delays to creep into your roofing business.

Team collaboration is how you shave hours of paperwork and admin from your weekly schedule, and Connecteam can help you do it.


  • Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Time Tracking
  • Training and Knowledge Center
  • Task Management

Price: Free $0/month | Basic $47/month | Advanced $95/month | Expert $191/month | Enterprise

Discover Connecteam here

connectteam roofing app

#6 – AccuLynx

Acculynx is a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that makes every roofing task easier and manageable from one central hub.

Used by more contractors than any other roofing software, AccuLynx brings your team together in the one app to streamline communication and boost productivity. As a manager or business owner you can see where each individual roofing job is, which team member is working on it, and what needs to happen next.

As a roofing CRM, you’re able to centralize your prospect’s info and give your sales team the advantage they need to simplify their processes and land more clients. Acculynx also offers unlimited storage for photos for documents and photos to give your field sales team the support they need to turn “I’m not sure” into “when can you start?”

AccuLynx makes it easy to securely store job info in one place, and with Quickbook integrations you can get paid and track invoices all from one app.


  • CRM
  • Quotes and Estimates
  • Commercial Roofers
  • Residential Roofers
  • Invoicing
  • Aerial Measurement Ordering

Price: Contact AccuLynx for pricing information

Discover AccuLynx here

acculynx roofing app

#7 – Spotio

You work on roofs, but that doesn’t mean you’re not a salesman.

Spotio helps you or your roofing sales team improve productivity and performance. And though that sounds like a bunch of buzzwords strung together, it just means you have an app that keeps all your sales-related info and data in one place.

  • Need to map out the fastest route between on-site call-outs to save time? Spotio does that.
  • Need to cut territories so you know where to send your best salesman? Spotio does that.
  • Need to track sales data to build a picture of your hottest leads? Spotio does that too.

Spotio helps reduce data entry (that’s all automated) and gives you a bird’s eye view of your prospects so you can spend less time learning about them, and more time selling to them.

Spotio even comes with templated emails, calls and texts so you can speed up your communication without sacrificing quality.


  • Task Automation
  • Sales Routing
  • Customer Mapping
  • Sales Tracking
  • Communication
  • Sales Prospecting

Price: Schedule demo to get the pricing.

Discover Spotio here

spotio roofing app

#8 – JobNimbus

JobNimbus is a management app that brings all your tasks under one roof. With everything in one place you’ll have a tool to assist each roofing job from start to finish.

More than a way to manage your own team, JobNimbus covers the process of managing leads and contacts, and is a full Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

Need to organize your leads? Create a custom quote based on notes from the field? Connect with your team’s Gmail calendar to check availability? And send off an invoice?

Doing these tasks individually would mean jumping from app to app and website to website. But with JobNimbus you’ve got everything you need in one. You can even tweak the color of your dashboard to match the branding of your roofing business – that’s saving time with style.


  • CRM
  • Quotes and Estimates
  • Communication
  • Job Tracking
  • Job Site Records
  • Aerial Measurement Ordering

Price: Contact JobNimbus for pricing information

Discover JobNimbus here

jobnimbus roofing app

#9 – Quickbooks

Accounting software is crucial to keep your roofing business running at full speed. Not only are manual invoices and order requests time-consuming to create and track – but they get lost quicker than you can say “has anyone seen the invoice I just had on my desk?”

Quickbooks is an online accounting software for businesses of all types, but also offers specific options for businesses in the construction sector, including roofers.

Understanding that data entry is one of the most consistent time-wasting tasks, Quickbooks allows you to:

  • Automate your tasks and sync data across devices
  • Track time and expenses per roofing project
  • Manage your team and subcontractor tax requirements
  • Organize your invoices and reports

We could throw finance-related terms at you until the roof caved in, so let’s just keep things simple – Quickbooks makes it easy to see when money is coming in, when it’s going out, and keeps a record of it all.

So whether it’s the taxman knocking on your door or you’re looking to keep your team paid and your invoices rolling in, you can spend less time micromanaging and more time focusing on the bigger picture.


  • CRM
  • Quotes and Estimates
  • Commercial Roofers
  • Residential Roofers
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory Tracking

Price: Simple Start $12.50/month | Essential $20/month | Plus $35/month | Advanced $75/month

Discover Quickbooks here

quickbooks roofing app

#10 – Estimating Edge

You’re competing against local roofers everyday, so your ability to provide competitive estimates and quotes is key to your success.

Estimating Edge understands this and offers software for commercial and residential roofers for take-off and estimating. Bidding with Estimating Edge on your side provides a take-off tool to provide faster bidding options, letting you get in before the competition as the first in and best dressed.

If you’ve previously been doing takeoffs with a pencil and ruler then you know how time-consuming the process can be. With Estimated Edge you can figure out the necessary materials and price for the most complex roofs, whether they’re residential or commercial; simple, multi-pitched, drawn on an elevation or plan view.

When you can generate material and labour costs in real time, you can save hours of time. And since you’re providing a faster service to your prospects you don’t just save time but increase your conversion rate too.


  • Measure Labor Costs
  • Quotes and Estimates
  • Commercial Roofer Support

Price: Contact JobNimbus for pricing information

Discover Estimating Edge here

estimating edge roofing app

#11 – Hail Trace

Everyone has a roof, but not everyone needs a roofer.

How can you identify markets with a need for your services? With Hail Trace.

A weather forensic app, Hail Trace tracks recent hail storms to provide weather data for your roofing company. More than a weather app, Hail Trace includes the functionality to create clients, assign target areas and manage your sales pipeline.

While this type of app shouldn’t replace a full field-service sales app, Hail Trace is valuable because marketing can be so unpredictable. Whether you’re running a Google Ads campaign or looking to run ads through Facebook, knowing who to target is how you keep your ad spend down and your conversion rate up.

When you know which area may have experienced storm damage you can move a marketing plan into action with confidence, and reduce wasted spend on customers who don’t require your roofing services.


  • Real-Time Weather Reporting
  • Task Management
  • Sales Prospecting
  • Contact Management

Price: Maps Only $94/month | Maps + Data $162/month | Enterprise

Discover Hail Trace here

hail trace roofing app

#12 – Zapier

With all the roofing apps available it’s easy to assume they’ll make your day MORE time consuming, not less.

After all, you have to manage individual apps, and with data stored in each piece of software you use there’s just as much risk for miscommunication. That’s where Zapier stands out.

Zapier isn’t a roofing app, but it’s critical for roofing businesses who want to sync their existing apps. In simple terms, Zapier is an automation app. It moves data and info between your apps to automate your workflow without the need to hire an expensive web developer to do it for you.

For example, with Zapier you can automatically send lead scoring info to a Google Sheet. That Google Sheet can be automatically uploaded to your field sales app so your team can quickly see where their next sales targets live. And when those new customers pay their invoices, Zapier automatically sends the payment info to your bookkeeping app.

With Zapier you can slash data entry as a business owner, while your sales team can spend more time selling and less time entering fields of info in your CRM.


  • App Integration
  • Automate workflows

Price: Free $0/month | Starter $19.99/month | Professional $49/month | Team $299/month | Company $599/month

Discover Zapier here

zapier roofing app

#13 – Sales Rabbit

All roofing companies need leads – but not all leads are created equal.

Think of how much time you spend qualifying leads, chasing up time wasters, and providing quotes to tyre-kickers.

Sales Rabbit provides a field lead tracking and sales management app to help your team sell your services more efficiently and to boost your overall conversion rate. While every great sales tool should be able to track time, provide GPS tracking to see where your team is working and facilitate chat between team members, Sales Rabbit stands out as a pitching tool.

It’s tough to pitch to prospects in the field. Between memorizing product info and bringing the necessary materials, leads can get turned off by too much info. Sales Rabbit brings a centralized pitching service with interactive presentations and remote content access.

On one tablet your field reps can run through an entire pitch without having to pull out palm cards to recite the most important stuff. And with digital signature features it’s easy to close the deal after Sales Rabbit ‘wows’ the new customer.


  • Lead Management
  • Team Management
  • Pitching and Proposals
  • Contact Management

Price: Essentials Bundle $56/month | Additional Sales Rabbit packages available

Discover Sales Rabbit here

sales rabbit roofing app

#14 – Pedestal

If you’re like most roofers, a major drain on your time is chasing up low-quality leads and time-wasters.

The website building software, Pedestal, creates professional and eye-catching roofing websites in under 60 minutes. Better still, each Pedestal site comes with pre-optimized roofing themes. This means you can click a button for a fully designed site packed with features to help you attract more roofing customers.

Instead of chasing up referrals on the phone or sending emails to people who never get back to you, a Pedestal website brings targeted traffic and quality leads to you.

And since all Pedestal sites are SEO-friendly and 100% responsive, you’ll be able to bring in traffic from Google and roofing customers searching on the phones.

Plus, you’ll unlock a FREE website rebuild after 24 months, so your roofing site will be bringing in new work for years to come.


  • Drag and Drop Website Builder
  • Lead Generation
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Marketing Analytics

Price: FREE Trial | Pro Plan $49/month

Discover Pedestal here

pedestal roofing software

How to introduce roofing apps to your team (even if they’re old school)

“What if my crew aren’t technologically experienced and have old-school attitudes?”

We get it, introducing new tech to an established roofing team often comes with push-back.

If your business has been doing well you might run into an attitude of “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”. The simplest answer to this is that apps save time, and that time can be used in plenty of ways that benefit your team.

They could make more money as their sales go up. Spend more time with family as the schedule opens up. Or avoid the painful paperwork that comes with having to do everything the old-school way.

When you frame the introduction of apps as being beneficial to your team, you’ll have less friction and more excitement to start doing things differently.

In case your roofers ask why they should start using roofing apps in 2021, we’ve come up with a couple of pre-written answers for you.

“Technology just confuses things…” “But we’re already getting leads and jobs…”
That’s why we’ve picked super simple apps. You don’t need a degree in computer science to use these. If you know how to use weather apps, or send a message on Whatsapp, then you’ve already got the skills.

I’ll walk you through the new apps we’ll be using and show you how simple and user-friendly they are.

And these apps will help us get MORE leads and jobs. Plus, I’ve picked these apps so you spend less time doing paperwork and admin, which I know you guys hate.

And when we can pick and choose our clients it means higher paying jobs and less commute. These apps aren’t to fix our business but make it MORE successful.</p

30 second recap for time-poor roofers

If you’ve scrolled to the bottom of this guide because you’re short on time, then you’re the exact type of roofer who needs to start using apps.

The roofing industry is growing at an average of 2.7% every year, providing steady revenue for the businesses that can scale up without drowning in paperwork, admin and internal processes.

Technology, whether it’s a roofing app on your phone or the latest software on your computer, makes sure your time is being used efficiently. Instead of getting bogged down in mindless paperwork or waiting hours for your team to drop by the office with their reports and timesheets, you can focus on the big picture knowing the little things are all automated.

As getting started with new tech can feel overwhelming, make sure to schedule a demo with any roofing app or software you’ve got your eye on. You can always try before you buy, so there’s no pressure and plenty of potential.

Whether it’s scheduling, estimating, measuring, invoicing, sales or accounting; roofing apps make your business more productive – and when you’re running a productive business, growth and increased revenue are right around the corner.

Looking for more ‘ready to buy’ roofing leads? Check our 20 proven tactics to get leads (free and paid)

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