The “Not” Free Consultation

The “No-Fluff” Way To Grow Your Trade, Contracting Or Home Improvement Business Using Your Website (“Customer Conversion Engine”) and Google.

Every digital agency and his mothers dog, is offering a free consultation these days. So what weight does one of these consultations actually have?

We’ll not much if you’re getting it from a sales rep, whose merely interested in his commission.

So, You’re ready to grow your trades business. Like seriously ready.

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The Not Free Consultation
SEO companies that do nothing for 12 months

You’ve been through the SEO companies that do nothing for 12 months.

The reports that never show up, and the google ads that never make enough money.

We get it. We deal with it everyday.

And that’s why we emailed you. We deal with it too much.

And now we have a problem.

We have overwhelming demand for our services (as we have a repeatable successful formula for our customers built over 10 years of trial and error).

And Unfortunately we can’t work with everyone. So we have to filter, whom we want to work with.

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SEO companies that do nothing for 12 months

You Don’t Work For Free. Neither Do We.

It’s One of the Priveleges of being a leader, means we can pick and choose which customers we work with.

So here’s the criteria:

Do you have over $500k worth of revenue?
Is your team bigger than 5 people?
Have you done Google Ads and pay per click marketing before?
Do you have over $3k budget to spend per month (this is our minimum spend).

If you meet all of the above criteria, please submit the application form below.

I will personally attend to your request.

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The Most Successful Contractor and Home Improvement Business Use Tradie Digital


I Look Forwarded To Helping Your Business Grow.

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What you can expect. If you fill out the form above? Before you’re meeting you\’ll be sent some documents on what to expect. What it’s like to work with us.

How You’re “Not” Free Consultation Works

Our Process

Step 01

You’ll be sent a document regarding our process, What we do after we start working with you. You’ll know exactly how we communicate through the entire process.

Before Meeting

Step 02

You’ll be also emailed a document, that is required reading before our meeting. It goes through every single question running through your mind about marketing your trade, contracting and home improvement business.


Step 03

Yes – If you don’t have time to read the document we’d rather not do business with you.. (I’ll be calling you before to confirm). Its the most thorough document on marketing your trades, contracting and home implement business in Australia.

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How Youre Not Free Consultation Works

You’ll Also Need To Invest In The Consultation.

Youll also need to invest in the consultation

(That’s why we called it the non-free consultation). We don’t work for free, and we don’t expect you to work for free either. The consultation will be priceless.

(I suggest you take notes). It’s 10 years worth of knowledge and proven number 1 successes on Google,

packed into a one hour meeting, which you use. It’s powerful stuff. And you’ll invest only $197.

Then you can choose which ever provider you like to help you get where your business wants to go.

At the heart of our consultation.

We believe our customers should be well educated about the products and services we provide and should be clear on the work we’re doing.

We’re likely to be partners for a long period of time (5-10 years of your business growth), all the way until your ready to sell it.

So If Youre Serious About Growing Your Business

So If You’re Serious About Growing Your Business.

(Like the videos on this page). Then fill out the form. What are you waiting for? You’re business won’t grow itself.

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So If Youre Serious About Growing Your Business