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Our Culture

We want to do great work, but we also want to make great choices. Whether it’s setting the bar for ourselves, or setting goals for your campaign, everything we do adheres to our company values.

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Our Culture Image 1
Our Culture Image 3
Our Culture Image 2
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Our Culture Image 5
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The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

We value entrepreneurship. We believe small businesses are the backbone of our economy and we are in awe of the determined action you take every day to help your business thrive.

Revere Marketing

Marketing is a high leverage activity allowing any entrepreneur the opportunity to grow their business and increase market share. We believe in the power of marketing to change the scope of an entrepreneur’s Company and goals. We believe in the return on investment marketing provides.

Play to Win

There is no passion to be found playing small. We exhibit a strong will to win in the marketplace. We obsess over our customers, not our competitors. We play to win because we know that when we help you win, we win with you and it’s cheers all round.

Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication Team

At Kala Digital we firmly believe that a great team relationship starts with openness and honesty. We encourage our team members to be honest, be a good listener, and to share their thoughts and ideas so we can further enhance our communication and work relationship

Awesome Team

We have an awesome team because we have a strong culture code. We have fun, we learn and grow and we leave no one behind. It is the operating system that powers our organisation. Our people set us apart. We are unreasonably selective about our peers. Culture is everything to us. It helps us deliver our best work.

Build Trust

We are constantly aware of our motives and refine them to make sure we are doing the right things for the right reasons. Our positive intentions drive our behaviours around respect, honesty, integrity and accountability. We are congruent inside and out and act in harmony with our values and beliefs. Our compass is set to “moral” and we stay en-route no matter what our journey brings.

Create ROI

We spend our time, energy and resources on highest leverage activities to create return on investment. Our customers are our ultimate beneficiaries as we create more and more value from their digital marketing activities.


Internally, we operate with peer powered accountability. Externally, with customer accountability. What is in the one, is in the whole. We never stop working for your trust and aim to make you feel secure with everything we do.

Act with Contagious Passion and a Sense of Curiosity

Passion is the fuel that drives our company forward. There is no greatness without passion and no doors which open without curiosity.

Deliver WOW Through Service

We recognise that everything we do speaks to you. We aim for your intense customer loyalty and actively look for ways to deliver that are above and beyond what’s expected. We are not an average company, our service is not average, and we don’t want our people to be average. We expect every employee to deliver some WOW.

(S * E) T = R

Strategy * Execution multiplied by Trust = Results. Results or excuses, but not both! We recognise that no matter how brilliant our strategy is and how well we can execute, nothing happens without trust.

Think Win/Win

Our motives are straightforward and are based on mutual benefit and abundance. We don’t move forward with anything unless it’s a win/win. No one should have to lose.

Clear Communication is Paramount

Being a remote teams means, communicating clearly is paramount to our teams success. Spec jobs and tasks with precision. Brainstorm on the phone, then spec with insane accuracy. Delegate work at the beginning of a cycle and then manage accordingly. Clear communication makes everyone’s life easier!

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Our trade skills are average, but our digital marketing knowledge is through the roof. At Tradie Digital our approach to growing your business is simple – we generate leads and real enquiries that put money in your pocket.

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