15 Best Roofing Website Designs [And How They Can Increase Your Conversion Rate]

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The global roofing industry is worth $100 billion. If you’re not getting quality leads or your calendar is empty, it’s not a problem with demand. The mistake most roofers make is to assume their products and services will sell themselves (hint: they won’t).

Roofing company websites are the missing link between that $100 billion pie, and you carving out a nice, big slice. So we’ve rounded up 15 of the best roofing websites and shone the spotlight on the design features that are driving clicks, calls, and customers.

Save yourself hours of time by stealing the 15 most powerful design features all roofing websites share.

Your roofing business is only as strong as your roofing website.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro on the tools, or that your roofs last 10x longer than the competition, your customers turn to Google to choose roofers – with 4 out of 5 customers using search engines to find local businesses.

If your site isn’t easy to find and easy to use, then your leads will dry up faster than you can say “but I have great products and services!”. Because being a skilled roofer is only half the battle. Your products and services need an equally skilled website to back them up.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be a trained web design expert to know how to turn an average roofing website into a customer-conversion machine. Whether you’re looking to build a roofing contractor website from scratch, or you’ve got a roofing site that needs a few holes patched up, you can take inspiration from the top roofing websites online.

With a global roofing market worth more than $100 billion there are plenty of customers who need your help – but that means plenty of competing roofers too.

But who says you can’t learn a thing or two from the enemy? We’ve rounded up 15 of the most impressive roofing website designs so that YOU can steal their success.

These websites share common design elements that lead to the two most important goals of any roofer:

  • Build trust
  • Solve problems

When you do those two things your conversion rate will go up.

Read on to discover 15 proven design features that generate traffic, attract leads, and turn those leads into sales.

Best Roofing Website Designs You Should Steal From

#1 – Vincent Roofing

Roofing websites that catch the eye are great, but real success – we’re talking clicks, calls, and conversions – comes from understanding a customer’s problems and offering a clear, simple solution.

The team at Vincent Roofing nail this crucial feature of a roofing website by simplifying their home page and getting straight to the point. There’s no clutter about how long they’ve been in business or what suburbs they service – that info is available on separate ‘About Us’ and ‘Suburbs’ pages.

Instead, they understand a roofing customer is looking for a price, and trying to find the best deal possible. To this end, the Vincent Roofing homepage has an easy-to-spot ‘Fast and Free Quotes’ form as the first feature a user sees when they land on the page.

As a bonus, their ‘Fast and Free Quotes’ box includes a discount offer of $120 off ALL Roofing and Re-Roofing services.

vincent roofing website

WHY WE LOVE IT: Roofing customers love simplicity. Site visitors can request a quote instantly – with their need for pricing a major pain point and get the bonus of discounts. Every site visitor has a pain point that needs to be solved, and Vincent Roofing offers a clear solution at the top of the page.

Check out their website here

#2 – Coast2Country Roofing

Any home improvement project requires trust from your customer’s end.

Whether they’re letting someone into their home to change a loose tile or install a new roof, trust is the crucial currency that makes the difference between “I was just on your site looking around, thanks anyway” and “I love your site, when can you come out to my place to help me?”.

Coast2Country Roofing knows how important trust is and makes sure their site visitors know it too with a roofing website design feature that helps eliminate worry. How do they do that?

With a bright, easy-to-spot badge that says…

‘We Will Beat Any Written Quote GUARANTEE’.

Guarantees in the roofing industry are a proven way to establish trust and convince a prospect you’ve got their best interests at heart. A guarantee provides a safety net and in this case, the Coast2Country team is saying “We get it, we know price is important to you, so if you bring us a written quote we will give you an even better deal”.

For a roofing customer, this makes the Coast2Country Roofing team stand out, and their conversions will go up as more and more customers choose them a). because they offered the best price and b). because they offered a guarantee that made customers feel safe.

Built on Pedestal – the website builder for roofers, these design features come standard in all templates so businesses like Coast2Country Roofing don’t have to stress about the latest design trends. They can pick a theme with built-in conversion features like this and start generating more revenue sooner.

Coast2Country Roofing website

WHY WE LOVE IT: This guarantee is an example of how roofing website design can work with an offer. By using bright red against the grey background this ‘Guarantee’ badge is impossible to miss. With white text, the word ‘Guarantee’ contrasts the red background, and through simple colour design, they’ve made their price beat offer the first thing site visitors see.

Check out their website here

#3 – Able Roof

Imagine you needed to replace your damaged gutters after a storm…

You’ve heard about three different roofing companies who might be able to help so you ask your friends and family if they’ve heard anything good or bad about the three roofing companies. Your friends and family tell you they haven’t heard of roofing business #1 or roofing business #2 but they’ve used roofing business #3 and they LOVED the service, the quality, and the price.

It’s pretty obvious which roofing business you’ll be calling out of those three.

This EXACT process happens online, except the recommendations come in the form of online reviews, instead of personal recommendations. In fact, 93% of roofing customers are influenced by online reviews and the Able Roof team use this brilliantly by including detailed reviews from satisfied customers.

Anyone browsing their website is getting recommendations, which helps increase conversions and bring more work.

able roof website

WHY WE LOVE IT: The Able Roof website design cleverly takes reviews from multiple touchpoints. You can see happy Facebook reviews, happy reviews from Google, and happy reviews from the Better Business Bureau. Without this smart website design feature, you’d have no way of knowing whether the Able Roof team are any good, but with customer testimonials you’ve got the online reviews, you need to pick up the phone and organise a call-out.

Check out their website here

#4 – Team Roofing

As a roofer, your service area is up to you. If you’ve got gas in the work van you could do jobs around the corner, on the other side of town, or a few hour’s drive away.

While increasing your service area can help open your roofing business up to more potential customers, it does cause one problem – how can ONE website service MULTIPLE locations?

The Team Roofing website is a prime example of how to solve this dilemma. By adding a clear ‘Our Locations’ section they make it easy for site visitors to spot their own suburb, which helps drive calls because people know that they live in the necessary service area.

But that’s not all!!!

Knowing that a roofing website is only as strong as its Local SEO, the Team Roofing gang have created individual location pages for each service area. This helps them rank when people conduct ‘roofer near me’ searches in those suburbs, as well as specific searches containing suburb names.

With just a few extra pages, Team Roofing has expanded their ability to rank for an incredible 244 suburbs – that’s how many unique suburb pages they’ve created. And those pages are easy to spot – by people and Google – thanks to the simple roofing website design addition of an ‘Our Locations’ section.

team roofing website

WHY WE LOVE IT: SEO leads convert at an average of 14.6% compared to the 1.7% of outbound leads like cold calling, flyers, and letterbox drops. With easy-to-find and well-optimized location pages, Team Roofing has supercharged their local SEO.

Check out their website here

#5 – JNT Construction

If you’re like most people, you’ve watched more videos since the pandemic started.

Whether it’s YouTube, Netflix, or another video service, the average person is consuming more video than ever. And these trends can be used by roofing companies to attract eyeballs and keep people engaged on a website – as demonstrated by JNT Construction who include a section for ‘Educational Podcasts and Videos’.

This content is 100% free, requires no sign-up, and is accessible at the click of a button. Since people love watching videos, a potential roofing customer is likely to press ‘play’ and learn about JNT Construction. This is great for their conversion rate as this content builds trust and develops rapport without any direct contact between a roofing business and their potential customers.

As a bonus, to click the ‘View All’ option takes site visitors to JNT Construction’s YouTube channel, which helps build brand loyalty as they get more subscribers, longer watch times, and loyal fans who enjoy their content everywhere they find it.

JNT Construction website

WHY WE LOVE IT: Adding videos seems like a small design addition but it carries significant SEO value. Google considers your site visitor’s session times and bounce rates when determining your rankings. If people love spending time on your site and jump from page to page then your SEO improves. And what better way to make people happily sit on your pages for longer than an awesome, educational, and valuable video?!

Check out their website here

#6 – Chicago Flat Roofing Company

Roofing customers love a good deal, and the Chicago Flat Roofing Company makes sure they know they’re getting a good deal by adding a ‘Promotions’ section to their website design.

Money will always be a factor when customers choose a local roofer – not always the #1 factor – but a significant influence whether it’s replacing a few terracotta tiles, clearing the gutters, or installing a full new roof.

This clever design addition is useful because it pushes back against the mistake many roofers make, which is to assume their site visitors will find relevant info for themselves. The truth is, your customers are busy, they don’t always have time to find your pricing page or even email you for a quote. By adding prices in the form of promotions you make it easy for them to compare you to the competition, and feel safe knowing they’re getting a deal at a discounted rate.

Chicago Flat Roofing Company website

WHY WE LOVE IT: This is a prime example of what’s known as ‘Perceived Value’. By adding a ‘Promotions’ section to their roofing site design the Chicago Flat Roofing Company team have made it seem like they’ve got awesome, limited-time deals.

But it doesn’t say anywhere how long these deals run for – they may run indefinitely, even though they stir up the desire to book a roofer because people worry the offer will end. Or what the price of each service was before the promotion – for all a customer knows this was the price regardless of the promotion. This creates a sense of perceived value in a site visitor’s mind, which makes them eager to take action, driving conversions up.

Check out their website here

#7 – Global Roofing Group

Your roofing website is a measure of your professionalism and reputation.

If it’s just you talking about how awesome your roofing skills are, why should anyone listen to you? That’s like going to a party and only talking about yourself – it’s not the best way to win friends and influence people.

But if you’re at that same party and people keep coming up to talk to you, then you’ll develop a reputation for being important and influential. That logic is in place on the Global Roofing Group website in the form of a ‘Clients We’ve Worked With’ design section.

Similar to a customer testimonial section, showcasing your important clients projects an aura of trust and authority. When local customers see you’ve worked with major businesses, they’ll think “wow, if this roofing company is trusted by those big boys, then they must do a great job”.

This is an example of how each roofing design feature is about building trust – and trust is the currency of the internet.

Haven’t worked with any major brands? No problem. Try showing major brands you’ve worked with instead. Bluescope, Dulux, Colorbond – associating your roofing business with these brands passes their quality on to you.

Global Roofing Group website

WHY WE LOVE IT: This is an example of the marketing principle of ‘Brand Association’. The Global Roofing Group isn’t Coca-Cola, but by working with Coca-Cola they receive the same level of prestige and quality. Everyone knows what a big deal Coca-Cola is, and by showcasing a professional relationship, this roofing website becomes an equally big deal too.

Check out their website here

#8 – Melbourne Quality Roofing

Show, don’t tell.

When it comes to a roofing website, that marketing rule is one of the most crucial. Although people can’t see their roofs, they don’t want you to explain how accurate your tile installation is or how shiny your new metal roof looks – they want to SEE it.

To achieve this consider adding a project gallery to your roofing design, as the team behind Melbourne Quality Roofing have.

A project gallery lets people visualize their future roofing improvements, and removes some of the friction between conversions.

It’s a classic roofing website design inclusion and for good reason – it works.

Melbourne Quality Roofing

WHY WE LOVE IT: We love project galleries because they paint a vivid picture for potential customers. Instead of imagining what their new roof will look like, they can see how you’ve transformed other homes and businesses. We’re especially impressed by the gallery from Melbourne Quality Roofing because of their creative ‘Before and After’ slider.

Site visitors can pull the slider left and right to see the roof change in real-time between the old and tired roof, and the modern, sleek roof. It’s the marketing rule of ‘Show, don’t Tell’ done to perfection.

Check out their website here

#9 – Houston Roofing Online

You provide plenty of roofing services – but that’s not what your customers want from you…

Your customers want you to solve their problems for them. Sometimes that’s as simple as you turning up to fix a hole in the roof, but other times they may want help with DIY roofing tips and turn to you for advice.

It’s a mistake to try and hide your knowledge in an attempt to force people to pay for it. With YouTube and Google, people will find free roofing tips elsewhere. The benefit of YOU being the one to give them free tips is that you build priceless trust.

When those same people need to find an expert roofer – this time to pay – they’ll be more likely to pick you because you’ve taken the time to build valuable trust.

And how do you solve problems and build trust? With a section on your roofing website for your free blog posts and articles.

Check out how Houston Roofing Online nailed this design feature perfectly.

Houston Roofing Online website

WHY WE LOVE IT: Adding blogs to your roofing website is the ultimate two-for-one approach.

Firstly, site visitors can learn about roofing, start to see you as an expert, and develop the trust that leads to more quote requests and bookings. Secondly, these blogs are packed with roofing-related keywords, and over time they can rank on Google when people search for things like “How can I boost my home value with home improvement projects” and “Guide to roof replacement for homeowners”.

With more content ranking on Google, you get more traffic to your site, and that’s more chances for you to bring in new business.

Check out their website here

#10 – Fraser and London Roofing Services

What do your roofing customers want to know about your services?

Price? Availability? Supplier partnerships?

The truth is, your potential customers can have a thousand questions floating through their minds, and the roofing business that can best answer those questions will see their conversion rate go up.

Fraser and London Roofing Services understand this and add a simple, yet highly effective, FAQs section to their roofing website design.

By pre-empting the questions people have, the Fraser and London Roofing Services team come across as subject matter experts who understand their customers. And if a customer wanted to know whether scratches on a steel roof should be touched up, then they’ve got the answer (plus plenty more) right here.

Fraser and London Roofing Services website

WHY WE LOVE IT: This is another roofing design inclusion that brings benefits you don’t realize at first glance. We mentioned that these FAQs help people feel confident in your roofing services – leading to an increase in calls and customers. But each FAQ is also able to help this page rank on Google over time.

If someone Googles ‘Does coated steel last a long time?’ then this page has a chance to rank thanks to the FAQ section on coated steel. And with more keywords available to rank you’re able to receive more site traffic, and that leads to an increase in sales.

Check out their website

#11 – NY Roofing

As a roofer, you know a LOT about what goes on above people’s heads. From the drip edge to flashing; rakes to rafters, you’re an expert.

Ironically, your customers don’t want to learn about these complex terms and roofing buzzwords. When a potential customer lands on your website the only question they’re asking is “How can you help me?”.

And you won’t know what problem they need help with until they reach out to you, which makes it hard to offer them a solution. After all, how can you tell if someone needs help fixing a storm-damaged roof or replacing old shingles?

The team at NY Roofing have the solution in the form of an easy-to-find and obvious ‘Why Us?’ section. A ‘Why Us?’ section should be a staple on all roofing websites, as it answers the questions your potential customers are asking.

Because you don’t know what specific roofing problem someone has, but by positioning yourself as an expert you can share your most valuable roofing qualities and convince someone to pick up the phone and give you a call.

NY roofing website

WHY WE LOVE IT: NY roofing doesn’t know *exactly* what problem their customers have – but they’ve clearly done the research to understand their target market. By covering their professional services, their 24/7 availability, and their affordable prices they have answered THREE questions floating through a site visitor’s mind:

  • Do you repair AND install roofs?
  • Can I call you outside of work hours for help?
  • Will your service break my budget if I need you?

In one roofing website design feature they’ve answered those questions, and their conversion rate is likely to go up as a result.

Check out their website here

#12 – Roofing Florida

Home improvement jobs can make people nervous – after all, they’re letting someone take a hammer, nail, or saw to their most precious asset.

This sense of nerves can act as an obstacle to conversions, especially when talking about high-ticket roofing services like full roof replacements or renovation projects. The roofing website designs that make the process clear, simple, and inviting are the ones that will attract new business time after time.

And Roofing Florida nails this by including a section detailing their process from start to finish. They understand the hesitance people have and offer up the exceptional line of copy – get your roof replaced in a few simple steps.

Instead of being stuck in the dark wondering what steps are needed, a site visitor to the Roofing Florida site can see the four-step process:

  • Consultation
  • Inspection [and FREE quote]
  • Planning
  • Installation

Suddenly a potentially stressful situation is boiled down to four steps, and that potential customer is filled with confidence to organise a consultation.

roofing florida website

WHY WE LOVE IT: We love this roofing site design addition because it adds value on multiple layers. Not only does this design inclusion simplify a process that can be overwhelming for homeowners and business owners, but they add in a FREE QUOTE along the way.

A potential customer can complete two of the four steps WITHOUT PAYING A CENT. A free consultation, free inspection, and free quote take up 50% of the process – which makes the remaining 50% an easy sell for the roofing business.

Check out their website here

#13 – RJW Contracting


It’s more than a buzzword when it comes to your roofing website, it’s the ONE thing your potential customers are looking for.

Some people offer value in the form of free consultations and free quotes, others offer guarantees or warranties. The roofing websites with the highest conversion rates find ways to offer more value than their competition.

And RJW Contracting shows how effective this can be with THREE eye-catching value propositions that are going to get people calling and clicking.

Not only do they offer a free, no-obligation consultation (meaning they’ll come to your property without you leaving to jump out of your pyjamas) but they go the extra mile with:

  • No interest payment options
  • $50 per window trade-in allowance
  • A $25,000 sweepstake to win a full home remodel

The RJW Contracting team understands their customers are comparing every single roofer in the area to see who offers the best value, and their website design makes it easy to find with bold, white fonts overlapping eye-catching and inspiring backgrounds.

The text is easy to read and the images make you think YOUR home could look that good – which makes RJW Contracting the obvious choice to call.

RJW Contracting website

WHY WE LOVE IT: There’s plenty to love about this roofing site design, especially the text itself which is bold and bright, creating high contrast to the background and attracting the eye. We’re also big fans of the call-to-action buttons, with text like ‘Claim Offer’ making people feel like it’s a small step to take. A CTA like ‘Sign up to claim offer’ would add an extra step and turn people off, but this CTA is simple, without friction, and going to boost clicks.

Check out their website here

#14 – Total Home Roofing

You might work with the same materials or specialize in certain roofs, but your customer’s needs are always changing.

Whether they’re responding to recent storm damage or looking for more environmentally-friendly materials, it’s up to you to keep up with the changing demand of your customers.

This is a CRUCIAL consideration because an average roofing website will be nothing more than a brochure that shows contact details and a little info on the services available. But an AWESOME roofing website will be a living site that evolves to meet customer needs.

And what’s more pressing during a pandemic than the need to provide safe services that put health and safety first?

The team at Total Home Roofing understand this and use their website to offer ‘Virtual & Online Appointments’.

This shows they are listening to their customers who want to protect themselves, and by using technology they can provide estimates and quotes without ever needing to go onsite.

Total Home Roofing website

WHY WE LOVE IT: The most successful roofing websites are constantly innovating. Your website design should have the ability to change and reflect the needs of your market. With a virtual appointment, the Total Home Roofing team can still generate leads while giving people the space they crave. It’s creative, clever, and going to spike conversions in a way that traditional at-home and on-site consultations can’t.

Check out their website here

#15 – LA Top Roofing

Once a prospect is on your roofing website then there’s nothing else you can do to boost your conversion rate, right?


Creative roofing companies use pop-ups – like the example we’ve got from LA Top Roofing – to drive more clicks and calls once a site visitor has already arrived.

A pop-up is a small window (though it can take up the entire screen) that appears in the foreground of a website page, typically when the user takes a certain action. This could be to scroll a certain length down the page, to move the cursor towards the ‘back’ button, or even to stay on the page for a certain amount of time.

The advantage of your own pop-up is visibility. While you may have a limited-time deal or free quote option on your website, there’s no guarantee people will find them. A pop-up is impossible to miss, and while too many pop-ups can become a nuisance, your customers won’t be mad if you’re showing them a way to save money on their next roofing service.

LA Top Roofing website

WHY WE LOVE IT: Pop-ups can be annoying at times (you’ve probably battled with a few frustrating pop-ups in your own browsing experience) but the key to success is the incentive – and LA Top Roofing has a great incentive. Who wouldn’t want a free quote to price match without any commitment?

In terms of the design, we’re also big fans of the colors, which stay true to the website’s branding, with the call-to-action button in bright orange which contrasts the white pop-up and draws the eye.

Check out their website here

Don’t Invest a Dollar in Digital Marketing Until You Read This!
Tradies: Don’t Invest a Dollar in Digital Marketing Until You Read This!

The roofing website elements you should be using on your site

“Good artists borrow, great artists steal”.

Picasso said that and we think he was probably referring to roofing websites when he said it. That doesn’t mean you should copy everything you’ve learned on these 15 websites word for word, but take inspiration from the common elements that these websites share.

The reason they’re on the most successful roofing websites isn’t chance. These roofers (or the marketers creating their sites) have done their homework and know what works – and what doesn’t.

Just like you’d know whether a roofing job was in a bushfire rated zone and required specific materials, it helps to know what elements should form the foundation of your roofing website.

So here’s a quick recap of the roofing website features that can increase quote requests, leads, and conversions.

‘Free Quote’ form above the fold Time-sensitive deals and promotions
GUARANTEE badges Big brand partnerships
Customer testimonials ‘Before and After’ project gallery
Locations for Local SEO Free roofing blogs and articles
Helpful FAQ section Eye-catching video content
‘Why Choose Us?’ section Your process [+ FREE quotes & consultation]
Value propositions [and plenty of them] Virtual consultations & estimates
Pop-ups [with awesome incentives]

Ready to turn your roofing website into a customer-conversion engine?

Congrats, you’re now more web design-savvy than 99% of all roofers.

But it’s what you do next with your newfound knowledge that’s going to make all the difference. Avoid stealing the wording and design of the roofing websites you’ve seen here, but there’s nothing wrong with spotting a roofing site design feature you like and implementing something similar on your site.

Don’t have a site yet but looking to create a high-converting roofing website? Try Pedestal – the website builder for roofers that generates 26.7% more leads than all other website builders.

Click here to try Pedestal for FREE

Or, do you already have a site and you need help making a few design tweaks to boost your conversion rate?

Click here to learn about your Web Design options

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